Organize the bedroom: how to do it according to the age of the child

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Since he was small, a bed, baskets for games, a few shelves and a rug were enough to play. But, from the first day of school, a child also needs a study corner.

«Up to the age of 8-9 everyone tends to stay where their parents are, so they go around the house carrying a pencil case and notebooks. It doesn't matter: it is equally important that there is an ad hoc space in the bedroom», Explains Marta Versiglia, pedagogist, teacher and author of Learning by playing (Bur Rizzoli, € 13). «With an organized corner, children will learn to stay there a little longer and this helps them to be autonomous in managing school commitments. One of the important stages of growth ». Just follow a few steps. Here are which ones.

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The bedroom from 6 to 8 years: bookcase and desk

At the beginning of the primary you need a "child-height" bookcase in which to store the reading books and, on a separate shelf, the school books together with the notebooks. «Next it will have to be leaning on the backpack, so every evening it will be easier to prepare it », explains Marta Versiglia. “This is an important moment and, of course, the first few times will need the help of a parent. Gradually, however, this small ritual will become a child's competence and having a dedicated space will help him do it himself and keep school things in order, a bit like, as a child, he used to put away the games in the baskets at the end of the day. ".

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Yes even at the desk, obviously small in size: over time he will use it more and more to do his homework alone, in his room.

The bedroom from 9 to 11 years: larger desk and no pc and TV

At this age you really start studying: you need a larger desk equipped with a lamp and drawers. "No to the computer in the room," continues the expert. “The child will start using it for research, but can do it on that of the parents under the control of an adult: children should not be left alone on the Internet because the risk of them ending up in unsuitable sites is high ». In the bedroom, however, you need a larger library where to put books, dictionaries and school supplies. No even to the TV in the room, a request that many give in so that, between one task and another, he can "relax". Children do not know how to set limits, they would end up turning it on even when they have to study or before sleeping. Two habits that do not favor concentration and rest.

The bedroom from 12 to 15 years: how to reconcile the disorder?

At this age the shelves for books, dictionaries, fiction volumes increase. But also the need for a computer. "It is a tool that he uses the most, it is right that he has it at hand", suggests Versilia. "But always with rules: if there is any doubt that the boy exaggerates and turns it on at night, he must be removed from the room".

How to reconcile the study space with the typical disorder of the age? "By modulating your requests: the disorder is part of his immaturity, and he moves well with it, he cannot be asked every day to fix the room. While it is right that the bed be made, for example », adds the pedagogist. «Then, let him customize his space, both in the arrangement of furniture, books and decorations. In this way he will be able to study in a place that feels “hers” ».


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