Overweight mom in pregnancy? The unborn child is more at risk of obesity

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A higher chance of becoming obese by the seventh year of life. A triple risk of being overweight. At greater risk are the children of women who were already overweight even before pregnancy. But the children of mothers who gain too many pounds during gestation.

These are the results of a research conducted by researcher Elizabeth Widen, of Columbia University in New York and published in the journal Maternal & Child Nutrition.

The study analyzed the associations between the weight gained during pregnancy and the weight of children up to the seventh year of life, from 1998 to 2022. In particular, African-American and Dominican women and children living north of Manhattan, New York.

Are you looking for a child? Pay attention to the weight

Doctors advise overweight and obese women to lose weight before they even seek a child. Also because, several studies show that being overweight can be associated with difficulties in conceiving.

During the nine months of pregnancy, a woman should gain between 11 and 16 pounds on average if she starts from a normal weight condition. (Read: Weight Gain In Pregnancy)

However, the right weight in the nine months depends on the weight before pregnancy.

Fonte: Maternal & Child Nutrition

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