Pampers Village is born: a network for families raising a child

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Pampers Village

Raising a child is easier when you have a large family. And precisely to offer help, support, advice and listening to families involved in the growth of a child, the project was born Pampers Village, promoted by Pampers and Heart4Children.

"This project aims to give life to what we call the Third Mission: we intend, that is, to put science and the evidence coming from research at the service of the problems - small and large - of all families. We have worked side by side with parents, researchers and professionals to provide tools for concrete help and "closeness" to allow families to cope with the challenges and difficulties they have to deal with in the long path of the growth of their children. wounds left by the pandemic and this period of social isolation, but we are trying, as far as possible, to multiply the opportunities offered to parents to promote the well-being of the new generations of tomorrow. " Professor stated Enrico Facco, president of the Heart4Children Association.

His words are echoed by those of Carlo Miotto, Baby Care & Corporate Digital Marketing Director: "being at the side of parents is part of our work and Pampers Village is the sign of wanting to take care not only of children, but also of mothers and fathers through services that can help them overcome small fears that are linked to the most beautiful and perhaps sometimes difficult job: raising a child. We do it with great humility and we too learn from the stories of the parents and from the relationship with Heart4Children ".

There is no lack of enthusiasm Julia Elle, project ambassador, author and web creator who has made her experience as a mother her job: "I am very proud to be part of this project and I hope my contribution can be of support to families who embark on a path that is as magical as it is challenging . "

Pampers Village

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The project

There are three guidelines in which the Pampers Village project unfolds:

  1. THE STORIES: We will start by listening to exceptional stories of families who want to share their personal experience with other parents on the small difficulties of every day and on big issues such as adoption and integration, specific learning disabilities and much more. The story will be driven by questions from Julia Elle.
  2. THE ADVICES: The second step will be an in-depth study: the word will pass to the experts to deal with them the more or less recurring problems of parenting. Here are some of them: the importance of play, building a strong relationship with the newborn through voice and caresses, cognitive hyperpowerment, the normality of children with physical or cognitive disabilities, what to do to help the newborn sleep.
  3. THE COUNTER (telephone desk + assistance path): If the mothers and fathers who become aware of the "Pampers Village" project need to have a discussion and support, Pampers, thanks to the help of Heart4Children, will provide a listening desk with specialized psychologist professionals ready to define an individual assistance path.

Telephone: 049 956 8084 - E-mail:

Opening Hours

  • Monday 15: 00-17: 00
  • Tuesday 9.00-11.00
  • Wednesday 9: 00-11: 00
  • Thursday 17: 30-19: 30

Pampers e Hearth4Children

  • Heart4Children (H4C) is a Social Promotion Association whose mission is to take care of vulnerable situations relating to all age groups, support psychophysical well-being, promote the social inclusion of the most vulnerable and reduce educational and cultural poverty. The main attention of H4C is aimed at the development of children, young people and families, as well as all the figures that revolve around them. Among the objectives pursued by H4C is that of providing knowledge, skills and useful tools to support children in critical moments of growth.
  • Pampers is the leading brand in Del Paese in baby diapers, it offers the widest range of products and services on the market that comes from strong investments in innovation guided by continuous dialogue with families to understand their needs.

The Pampers Village, from December, will be available to parents on the "Coccole Pampers" App in the "Tips" section and on Spotify on the Pampers Del Paese profile.

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