Panty or tear-off diapers? The expert's opinion on disposables

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For some time on the market they are having more and more success i disposable panty diapers, which promise greater wearability, but the same absorbency performance as traditional ones, and which would be more suitable when switching from nappy to potty. But will it be true? We asked the midwife Maria Chiara Alvisi of the Pediatric Polyclinic of our city.

Panty diapers, the characteristics

I panty diapers they can be disposable o washable and have the same absorbency characteristics as traditional ones: they are in fact composed of an external waterproof layer; an internal one of absorbent gel; and an intermediate one, which is in contact with the baby's skin, of non-woven fabric.

They slip on just like a pair of panties and can be pulled off as easily as a tear-off thanks to two side bands that open.

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Also panty diapers they follow the growth of the child: in fact, in the shop you can find all the sizes and for each age, also divided into daytime and specific for the night.

Then there are those too aquatic, which do not swell in contact with water, essential for taking babies - even newborns - to the pool.

The expert's opinion


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