Parents talk to their children about sex and how children are born. VIRAL VIDEO

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'Brave' parents talk to their children about sex and how babies are born for the first time in front of the cameras. The result is hilarious. And in fact, the video is going viral - today it exceeds 4 million views.

Made by, it is precisely titled Parents Talk to Their Kids About The Birds and the Bees for the First Time.

There are five children, boys and girls, of different ages, presumably from five to 10 years old. What are their reactions to the parents' explanations? There are those who turn away and there are also those who immediately close their ears as soon as the word "penis" is pronounced. There are those who listen attentively and those who already have quite clear ideas thanks to the explanations of their elder brother.

Most parents are very embarrassed and sometimes give really imaginative explanations. One dad, for example, refers to intercourse as a somewhat peculiar dance while another uses this metaphor: "See this pocket? This pocket is a vagina. When you decide to have a baby, the dad has to insert the penis in here, do you understand? ". The children don't seem particularly convinced of the explanation ...

But what could be the right words to use with children? Here is the advice of a child psychologist Scalari Mom, how are babies born?

For a more technical language on conception This is how life is born: this is how conception occurs

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