Parsley and pregnancy: is it bad?

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"I read on the internet that parsley in pregnancy could lead to miscarriage and stimulate uterus contraction", "Is it true that parsley is dangerous in pregnancy?"

These are some of the questions moms ask themselves when it comes to parsley in the nine months of waiting. But what's true? Is parsley dangerous in pregnancy?

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The properties of parsley

Parsley has several properties: it is diuretic, digestive and stimulates intestinal motility. Thanks to the vitamin content it is antioxidant e immunostimulatory and, last but not least, remineralizing.

Contains though apiolo e myristicin which are two substances that have an action contractile at the uterine level. In large doses or in concentrated doses they could stimulate uterine contractions and create bleeding. There is certainly no mention of some parsley leaves because the concentration of these molecules in a handful of this spice is negligible and is not enough to stimulate contractions.

The essential oil of parsley

A different discourse should be made instead for theparsley essential oil. Several scientific evidences agree in contraindicating the use of parsley essential oil for its effect.

(Newall CA, Anderson LA, Phillipson JD. 1996. Herbal medicines: a guide for health-care professionals. London: The Pharmaceutical Press. Birth Defects)

Parsley and toxoplasmosis

A separate discussion should instead be made for aromatic herbs and toxoplasmosis. Parsley, but also basil, fennel, parsley, sage, rocket: they are often used as important ingredients (think of pesto alla genovese) or decoration elements of dishes. Also in this case they must be consumed only if carefully washed by toxo-test negative women.

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