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Is the child ready for the potty?

Pediatricians generally say that a complete renunciation of the diaper is possible around the age of three (but girls can be earlier). In fact, at that age the child should be able to recognize from the pressure of the bladder and intestine that he "has to do it". Plus he should be able to put off what he's doing until later.


Advice for mom and dad


  • NO AT FIXED TIMES - Do not sit on the potty at fixed times, but only when you have to pee. Only in this way do children recognize the connection between 'duty', 'sit down' and 'do it'.

  • GOOD VERY GOOD! Compliment him when he can follow the procedure: he says he has to pee, goes to the potty, pulls down his pants and sits down. Although most of the pee is made on himself.

  • DON'T LOSE PATIENCE - Do not scold him and do not scream if he pees on him. On the contrary, console and encourage him ("You almost did it ... you will see next time it will be fine").

  • SWEATPANTS - Make him wear pants with an elastic waistband that can be easily removed. Better still, if it's summer, just the swimsuit.

  • VASE OR REDUCER? - Try to figure out if he likes the potty or a toilet seat better.

  • EVERYTHING HAPPENS THAT YOU STILL MAKE THE PIPI 'ON ... - even when he has learned, expect some hiccups for a couple of years. From the age of five the child should happen very rarely. If not, it is best to consult your pediatrician. The important thing is never to scold him, but encourage him for the progress he is making, rather than belittling him for peeing or pooing on him.

  • BEST IN THE BEAUTIFUL SEASON - Taking off the diaper in the summer, perhaps at the beach, makes the operation easier.


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