Peppa Pig: a cartoon with an educational value?

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The educational value of Peppa Pig

The psychologist Francesca della cittàna, psychologist and psychotherapist, expert in psychodiagnostics of the developmental age, makes an analysis on Peppa Pig and underlines her educational value.

Peppa Pig, a pig who does everything a normal four-year-old would do, reflects the life experiences of growing children and dispenses little tips that parents can draw on in everyday life, always with a smile.

Dr. explains the worth a laugh, which can help you grow:

Humor, a recurring ingredient and key to the success of the series, is not so obvious. Because in this program, fun is experienced on multiple levels, creating a family harmony between the different generations. The laughter inside the small screen underline moments of happiness, satisfaction with the daily conquests and resolution of the first problems; in practice, as it actually happens in real life, a good mood lowers the tension.

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The importance of routine

The familiar routine depicted in Peppa Pig conveys security and tranquility to little spectators, who learn by watching their models. Children can empathize with the characters due to their family routine: bedtime, personal hygiene, going to school. For Peppa and our children these gestures are also a way to develop cognitive functions such as memory, attention and understanding the concept of time.

In the animated series they are also represented contrasts and obstacles that can occur, such as the first quarrels with the best friend

The Doctor continues:

The series takes into account the real cognitive development of young spectators and also represents an aid for parents in learning problem solving techniques, to be reproduced in their own home to support the growth of their children. For example, Daddy Pig is close to her daughter in a difficult moment and helps her during a fight with a friend, employing the empathic listening technique, observing the behavior of her daughter in distress, without diminishing or judging her, but reassuring her.

Peppa Pig wins for simplicity

The series doesn't feature great 3D cartoon special effects, yet it impresses with its own simplicity. From the music, to the dialogues to the two-dimensional drawing, everything accompanies the evolutionary stages of the young spectators. The result is a cartoon that transmits lightness and stability. Says the Doctor:

Learning together, without anxiety and even having fun is undoubtedly the best way to imprint useful behavior and notions in one's memory.

6 good resolutions for 2022 inspired by the animated series Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig | Noesis


  1. Let's forget the clock and the commitments for a moment and dedicate to the children a time of sharing and relationship.

  2. Lightness: a necessary condition to face situations with optimism.

  3. We listen to our children in times of difficulty without judging: it will help them to be more self-confident.

  4. Playful moments must be moments of joy and sharing, even if you jump into mud puddles. The game doesn't always have to be just an educational game!

  5. Showing your place of work to your children as Papa Pig does reassures them: the children manage to place you in the space / time where you are not at home.

  6. Take into account the developmental level of the children when you talk to them.
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