Pets and pregnancy, possible coexistence

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In past, exaggerated news circulated worrying About the presence of pets at home during the pregnancy. For fear of contracting diseases, eg, cats e dogs they were walk away from the house when the woman he had the certainty of being in Dolce expectation. Fortunately, thanks to the ever growing disclosure di information by doctors ed experts of the sector, many of these taboo were debunked.

Le families waiting for a bimbo and they have pets they have nothing of which worry: all the diseases which can potentially affect dogs e cats, in fact, they are not in any way transmissible to beings human. The pathogens are species-specific, i.e. they cause the onset of pathology in one species.

The only disease what can be transmitted to the future mum and consequently al fetus and the toxoplasmosis (also read this post), but simple ones are really enough precautions not to run any risk. The toxoplasma it's a parasite of the cats and it comes eliminated through disastrous in form of ovocisti that contaminate theenvironment external.

The thing fundamental is that the woman is not there inriska. But it practically is impossible that it does. The cat, in fact, gets sick of toxoplasmosis means ingestion di meat raw contaminated from protozoo and then deletes it in the disastrous in the form of cyst. The latter, however, are not yet active: to become one and transform into a means "harmful"of broadcast area of disease must pass by a a four days.

Il contagion with l 'human being so it could only happen later ingestion of these ovocisti "C-active". As you can well understand, the possibility that a cat domestic either vehicle di infection is very remote: primarily because a feline powered with food highly industrial checked can hardly enter a contact with meat infects. Second, the cleaning daily of the bedding allows the removal constant of excrement feline and this does not grant the ovocisti the time it takes to be dangerous.

For these reasons, the presence of cats in casa in no way represents a risk is preferably used for health of the woman pregnant; it is good, however, that the future mum worry about wearing gloves disposable during the cleaning area of bedding or, even better, delegate the task to another member area of family, just to avoid any kind of contact with disastrous virtually infected.

Staying on the subject of animals domestic, the presence of "Fido"Instead it can even to help the woman pregnant to keep in crafts thanks to walks outdoors that help mood e circulation. The dog (but this is true in any situation) must be correctly vaccinated (pay attention to recalls annual) and wormed (also this to check annually) and finally you have to check for the presence of parasites external.

In the latter case and during the pregnancy it is always better to have someone else in family. With these three simple precautions and with correct hygiene not only the dog "Warns i hormonal changes e defends his own mistress from world external "but protects his own role of faithful friend and of compagnia.

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