Photo report from the delivery room: the birth of the twins Anna Laura and Fabio

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June 20, last day of spring. 11.33 and 11.35. First her, then him. Two minutes later the twins were born by caesarean section Anna Laura and Fabio. 2 kg and 480 gr the girl and 2 kg and 490 gr the boy. Michael, the elder brother, is waiting for them at home. Four years in September.

The birth took place atSan Giuseppe Moscati Hospital in Avellino and was immortalized by our photographer Anna Catalano specialized in photo-reportage of childbirth.


Reportage: the birth of the twins Anna Laura and Fabio

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June 20. Two minutes away, the twins Anna Laura and Fabio were born by caesarean section. 2 kg and 480 gr the girl and 2 kg and 490 gr the boy. Childbirth is ...

Here is the story of the twin birth of mom Alida, 35, and dad Marco, 38.

Our photo reports of childbirth in Del Paese
The birth of the twins Anna Laura and Fabio is the sixth photo report dedicated to childbirth that we publish. In May we witnessed the birth of the "eel" Marta, born in the maternity home in the city. Last March we told the story of Andrea and Chiara and their choice to manage the pain of labor without an epidural. In January, however, we had witnessed Chiara's birth and her choice for an epidural. In December Elena had given birth to twins and we were there, ready to photograph them. In November, however, we witnessed Pamela's birth and her pregnancy with lymphoma.

The discovery of a twin pregnancy

"We waited for our first child, Michele, to get older and then we have looked for another son"Mom Alida tells us on the phone." We liked the idea that they played together and kept each other company. We both work, I for a pharmaceutical multinational and my husband is a metalworker. It's true, we have to organize ourselves, but we can do it ".

Then, the discovery of twin pregnancy. Alida and Marco immediately came to terms with it. After all, even Alida's grandmother has a twin.

"The pregnancy went quite well apart from some initial abortion threats and some fears. Then everything came back and the little ones both grew up" continues Alida. "We hoped were boy and girl. Boy to please Michele and a girl because she is there after two boys. So it was!"

Following the pregnancy was the head of the UOC of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the San Giuseppe Moscati Hospital of National Relief and High Specialization of Avellino, Dr. Elisiario Struzziero.

At 36 weeks of pregnancy, gestosis begins

"Towards the end of my pregnancy I was hospitalized" explains Alida. "I was in the 36th for a few days, I was swollen and had edema in the legs".

Meaning of gestosis or preeclampsia
It is a typical pregnancy disease that is potentially dangerous for both the mother and the fetus. It affects about 3-5% of pregnant women. It appears, generally suddenly, in the second part of gestation, after 20 weeks. To avoid damage, even serious, it is essential to diagnose it in time, especially by keeping blood pressure under control and with regular urine checks.

Marco and Alida just before the caesarean

"When she came to us she had edema and had gained seven kg in five days" explains the gynecologist Maria Antonietta Castaldi. "We preferred to keep her hospitalized and monitored a few days before the scheduled cesarean. She had a beginning of gestosis, breech babies and a previous cesarean birth."

When is a caesarean delivery advisable?
If the baby is breech, if the pregnancy is twins and with breech babies and if there have been previous caesarean deliveries. Other conditions should be discussed with your gynecologist.

The delivery was "a normal twin caesarean with breech extraction" continues the doctor.

In the delivery room, there was an all-female team. Among these, Dr. Maria Antonietta Castaldi and Dr. Elvira Palmieri, gynecologists, and as instrumentalist the Chief Obstetrician Raffaella Carratù.

"The birth went very well and the babies were placed immediately in the room with me. They didn't need NICU and just needed to put on a few pounds. After 10 days they already weigh 3 kg "explains Alida.

A double emotion

"As soon as Anna Laura was born, they have it for me immediately placed next to it. I already have a child, I knew what awaited me. But I was very excited. More excited than the first child, I don't know how to describe him "concludes Alida.

"What moved me the most, even more than the birth, is happened in the afternoon"Dad Marco confides in us."

When Michele entered Alida's room and the children. See the family reunited, all three children together moved me a lot. And now? Now we focus only on the three of them and make them grow by offering the best possibilities we can afford. "

"Seeing the family reunited is what moved me the most" explains dad Marco. In the photo, Michele with his little brother and little sister

About the photographer Anna Catalano

About Anna Catalano, 37, is a professional photographer.
He has been shooting for more than 15 years, he studied photography and continues to update himself today.
In 2022 she became Giulia's mother. Since then her attention has focused on motherhood and childhood, telling it in an authentic way, trying to bring out and exorcise the most common cultural and social clichés linked to this universe, in disparate and often difficult contexts and contexts.
He collaborates with Del Paeseni magazine, hospitals, companies and individuals.
We at MyModernParents have chosen Anna to develop childbirth photo-reportage, to which she dedicates herself with professionalism, passion and great respect for the people involved.
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