Pilates in pregnancy: benefits, precautions quarter after quarter

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Pilates in pregnancy

You found out you are pregnant and you don't know if the pilates in pregnancy is it good for your baby or not? Do you have to stop in the first trimester? And in the third? Personal trainer Viviana Ghizzardi answers.

What is pilates

Pilates is a physical exercise technique that has been developed mainly for rehabilitation and rehabilitation purposes. For this reason he focuses a lot on the control and awareness of movement, on the importance of the combination of movement and breathing and on postural alignment.

Why pilates in pregnancy is good for you

Because it places great emphasis on controlling posture, which undergoes significant changes in the nine months. In fact, Pilates during pregnancy involves exercises with the abdominal muscles, which work as stabilizers of the spine and therefore posture correctors. Furthermore, pilates improves muscle elasticity and efficiency, helping to prevent back pain and joint problems and allowing for better physical recovery after childbirth.

The psychological benefits

In addition to instilling a sense of well-being, pilates is also useful for calming small anxieties: when you have a deeper knowledge of your body, in fact, you can also reduce a series of anxieties related to various physiological pains in pregnancy.

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Pilates in the various trimesters of pregnancy

Pilates and first trimester precautions

Once the gynecologist has given the okay to practice physical activity, the limitations with pilates are few: in the first trimester, as a precaution, it will be advisable to avoid isometric contractions (that is, which involve prolonged maintenance of the contraction) on the abdominal wall .

Pilates in the second quarter

In the second trimester you will be able to practice all the exercises, unless you have hypertension problems, because the isometric contractions on the abdominal wall cause an increase in pressure in themselves.

Pilates in the third quarter

In recent months, the limitations mainly concern the size of the belly, so exercises on your stomach should be avoided, to prefer those lying on your side, on all fours or lying on your back.

When to stop

The basic rule is to listen to your body and use common sense: if you realize that, during the lesson, you get tired easily or it is difficult to follow all the exercises, better stop, talk to the instructor and possibly discuss with the gynecologist.

Pilates: course for gestans and until when to do it

Follow a specific course for pregnant women?

Not necessarily: the important thing is that the instructor, during the lesson, always has an eye turned to the pregnant woman to suggest possible adaptations of some exercises or to evaluate if and which ones should be avoided.

Until it can be done

If followed by an expert, who will recommend the exercises to do and those to avoid as the months go by, you can continue until the end of the pregnancy.

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