PLOI, new animated film for children, in cinemas from November 21st

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"Ploi", a new animated film created by the Icelandic animation studio GunHil, a subsidiary of Sagafilm, and by the Belgian 3D animation studio Cyborn and produced by "Minerva Pictures" and "Altre Storie", will be in cinemas from 21 November 2022.

It is a feature film that tells the story of a plover chick named Ploi. Every year, in winter, many migratory birds return to warm countries, traveling for a long time. Among them is a flock of plovers led by "Papa" who tries to protect them during that long and dangerous flight, although, unfortunately, some are attacked by Shadow, a terrible hawk that terrifies them.

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With Papa's expert guide, the little chick Ploi learns to get food and on one of his excursions he meets the little Ploveria. The two become inseparable, discovering new places and living new experiences. Both of them dream of becoming the fastest plover and the next leader of the flock.

Ploi and Ploveria

When one day the chicks take flight one after the other, the Shadow hawk manages to capture Ploi, but Dad immediately attacks the hawk to allow him to escape. The chick manages to save itself but is upset, loses confidence in itself and in its ability to fly and does not want to leave the nest for the rest of the summer. The day of departure arrives. Until the end he tries to find the courage to take flight, but he can't do it and is captured by a cat. Ploi manages to free himself from his clutches but it is too late, his family has left with the other birds, not seeing him anymore and thinking about the worst.

Not having the courage to fly yet, he manages to reach Paradise Valley. As summer approaches, she thinks of Ploveria leading the plovers on the return journey and the danger she might have run with Shadow waiting to attack the flock. There is only one way to save his family and other birds from the hawk's claws and that is to overcome all fear, learn to fly and become the plover his dad taught him to be.

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