Pocket money, a useful tool to empower our children

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The theme of pocket money continues to be a debated topic in many families: there are many parents who question the advisability of giving some money to their children, the age at which it is sensible to start giving it and the most suitable methods to teach them how to manage it intelligently . To try to answer these questions, we asked Valentina Clerici psychotherapist and consultant at theASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco of our city.

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  • Weekly pocket money 14 years and 16 years 
  • How to manage pocket money
  • Teach kids what pocket money includes and how not to waste it
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Pocket money for children

Is it right for children to receive pocket money from their parents? «I believe so. Pocket money is an absolutely positive habit. First of all because it helps children to take responsibility through one form of autonomy more adult, and then because in this way you begin to teach them the value of what you want to buy ».

At what age to start

When can I start giving pocket money? «I would say that the entrance to secondary school can be an excellent time. So around the 11 years. I would like to clarify that this is a general indication. It is important to consider not only the child's age, but also his emotional age ».

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Weekly or monthly pocket money

How often and above all with what amount is it advisable to start? «First of all, one fundamental aspect must be taken into account: the economic availability of the family. However, a figure that I believe can represent a good starting point, suitable for families with different possibilities, is around 5 / 8 euro for secondary school children ».

Weekly pocket money 14 years and 16 years

«For older kids you can stay on 15 / 20 euro. The important thing is that it is proportionate to their management capacity. For the same reason I would recommend a cadenza weekly for the former and one monthly for the seconds ».

How to manage pocket money

How to teach children to manage it correctly? "First through theactive example. Our children cannot be expected to be prudent and responsible if we are not the first to be. And then, as in all things, it is right to give them trust, the possibility of experimenting and also of making mistakes. It is advisable to intervene only if strictly necessary ».

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Teach kids what pocket money includes and how not to waste it

The pocket money should include all the "extra" purchases of the children, from stickers and newspapers to going out to the cinema with older friends. What if we realize that they are being handled poorly? “For example, if we realize that a monthly allowance is completely used up in a few days, then it might be worth splitting it up. Therefore, return to a weekly basis even if the boy would be old enough to manage it monthly », suggests the psychotherapist. "Pocket money, however, should never be an instrument of punishment, but rather an opportunity to teach autonomy," concludes Clerici.

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Questions and answers

Is it okay for parents to give their children pocket money? 

Yes, giving pocket money is a positive habit because it helps children to take responsibility through a more adult form of autonomy.

At what age can we start giving pocket money? 

Around 11 years old.

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