Poisonous plants in the house

There are plants that, if swallowed or touched, can cause unpleasant symptoms, the most frequent of which are vomiting and diarrhea, if swallowed; burning, itching, redness, erythema in case of contact.

Below is the list of "bad" plants with next to them indicated what the danger for the child can come from: if you want to keep them at home, you must prevent the little one from approaching.

Azalea: ingestion

Cyclamen: ingestion

Clivia: ingestion

Dieffenbachia: ingestion and contact

Erica: ingestion

Ficus elastica: ingestion and contact

Jasmine: ingestion

Hyacinth: ingestion

Wisteria: ingestion

Oleander: ingestion and contact

Poinsettia: ingestion and contact.

Child-friendly plants

There are plants that only have the beneficial effects of "green", that is, they help purify the air, absorb a certain amount of the radiation emitted by electrical appliances, mildly humidify the environment, when the air in the house is made unpleasantly dry from the heaters turned on.

Where there is a child there should be only this type of plants, which include the ficus benjamin, the dracena, the cactus, the orchid.

(consultancy by Leo Venturelli, family pediatrician, author of numerous publications on outpatient pediatrics and co-author of popular books for parents including A child is born, The great encyclopedia of the child, From 0 to 6 years, a guide for the family )

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