Postpartum, 12 things no one tells you

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There is a very common trend of thinking according to which we tend to idealize and "dye pink" everything related to pregnancy and post partum. Although it is pure reality that we have immense love for our children even before they are born, it is also true that the discomforts during pregnancy and childbirth exist and that the hormones and revolutions caused by these in our body (and in the mind) don't help too much.

It is important that in the delicate phase of post partum, new mothers know that they are not the only ones going through difficult times. For this reason, the Spanish magazine highlighted 12 truths of the "post partum" period that all women need to know.

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1. You will not be able to wear the jeans you wore before pregnancy and childbirth

It is true that after childbirth there are far fewer kilos, since about three kilos of the baby and all that accompanies it (placenta, sac with amniotic fluid, etc.) are expelled during birth. However, not all the weight gained during pregnancy goes away, so don't worry. The important thing is that you gradually take care of yourself: slowly everything will return to normal. Remember that the uterus is still swollen, the internal organs are adjusting to the space again and the skin has not yet "recovered" and will be flabby. The waistline will also surprise you with some love handles. So be patient.

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2. You will lose blood

In the post-partum period, there is bleeding due to the wound generated by the detachment of the placenta. There are women who have reported having expelled huge blood clots and who needed outside help to cope with this. Others, on the other hand, did not feel uncomfortable during the bleeding, thinking of a kind of "menstrual cycle". The duration of bleeding varies with each woman. Therefore, even in this case it is necessary to have patience.

3. You will have to use tablets that you didn't think existed

And also huge hospital diapers. All very attractive ... but it's the reality: you have just given birth to a baby and you will not be able to use tampons, menstrual cups, etc. Therefore you will need disposable panties and gynecological compresses in the postpartum period.

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4. You will have swollen breasts

Remember the Baywatch scenes where Pamela Anderson ran with those huge breasts like it's the easiest thing in the world? Well now, you will be able to experience the same feeling. The breasts after childbirth increase in size and grow even more if you decide to breastfeed. It will be so hard and taut that it will feel like you have put on a pair of silicone implants. (Also read breast after breastfeeding)

5. Episiotomy: you will be "stitched up" under there, so don't look down there

It's normal. And you don't need to look over there. There is no need. So, as long as the recovery goes smoothly, don't look there.

6. You could try the desire to resume sexual activity before six weeks

Presumably you shouldn't have sex for six weeks because of the injuries and stitches. But if the baby is asleep, the partner is close and if you are feeling good and recovery is good, against all advice from nurses and doctors ... do it!

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7. You may be able to ovulate again within six weeks

It's not common, but it happens. Many women become pregnant within months of giving birth and even while breastfeeding their baby. So be careful if you don't want another baby on the way or it's too early.

8. The navel will also change

If your navel looked like that of a teenager before giving birth, forget it. The postpartum navel will be rounder, with a little loose skin on top. Now you will be able to recognize whether or not a woman is a mother, only from her navel and without superpowers!

9. The dawn line does not disappear immediately

Little by little yes, do not worry. But not immediately. So, do not despair if the linea alba is still present on the belly during the first months after giving birth.

10. The belly will look terrifying at first

It is normal, the changes are there: you have given birth, you have not yet lost all your weight and the skin has remained a bit flabby. Also, if you had stretch marks during pregnancy, they will now look like grooves.

Remember that all these "flaws" are the visible sign that you have been able to produce a perfectly healthy baby who now fills your hours with happiness (and maybe headaches :-)).

11. You will "hate" your partner a little

It is not said, but it happens to the majority of women. We "hate" men because they don't wake up at night as much as we women, because their body isn't sore and their hair doesn't fall out. Sometimes we also hate them because, while for nine months the baby was ours alone, now the baby's love and affection also come from him. But know that this is not fair for our companions and our children, even if, unfortunately, as long as the hormones continue to perform their action, it will be inevitable ... Try to rationalize and have, once again, patience .

12. You will cry a lot ...

And for very silly things, sometimes. Don't worry, it's normal and happens to almost all of us. We are overwhelmed by the new routine, we have so many doubts and, over time, the hateful hormones go crazy in the body.



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