Postpartum, six wellness tips

Don't forget to eat

In the early days after the birth of the child, it is so taken that one can forget even to eat. But a nursing mom needs around 500 calories more than usual! In short, treat yourself to a few extras.

The rocking chair

At first it seems that children can only fall asleep in their arms and only if the mother walks. Are you tired of all that back and forth motion? Then she puts on a baby sling and after ten minutes get into a rocking chair. Your little one won't notice anything!

A little make-up

The puerperium is a period with a high rate of 'non-eroticism'. Feeling at least a little beautiful with huge diapers in your pants and constantly wet nursing bras is next to impossible. So as not to forget your own femininity: leave the baby in his dad's arms for a quarter of an hour and put some make-up on her face.

Medal for the value of breastfeeding

Too much milk, too little, nipples with small wounds, sprained arms, stiff neck: in the early days a breastfeeding mother encounters many difficulties. The new dad should recognize him ... maybe giving her a nice massage package!

Tg with Mp3 player

As a new mother you quickly become a walking cliché: tirelessly one can tell that the little one burped four times and never threw up! But what happened then in the world? Total darkness. You haven't watched a news for days and opened a newspaper. Why not try the wonders of MP3? Download the news online and while you push the wheelchair in the park you listen to what has happened in the world. So you will finally be able to have some normal conversation!

The maternal mantra

"I know what's good for my baby." Repeat it 1000 times a day. It helps against prophecies like: if you hold him too much in your arms you turn him into a little house tyrant. And it is also good against people who always have some advice to give you (“That poor little one, he's definitely hungry!”) and overprotective grandparents (“A baby sling like that is not very dangerous ????").

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