Precautions for those who are undergoing CVS or amniocentesis

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Go to hospitals where there are experienced doctors

Both CVS and amniocentesis are invasive prenatal diagnostic techniques, which carry a risk of fetal loss. "To minimize this risk it is essential to contact doctors who are experts in the methods and centers that comply with all the hygienic conditions provided for by the law" underlines prof. Luigi Fedele, head of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Clinic in our city.




In private centers make sure that hygienic conditions are respected

"If you go to private clinics, it is necessary to verify that all the aseptic requirements are observed, for example that sterile gloves and masks are worn, because most of the complications of these tests derive precisely from infectious facts, which lead to an abortion or a premature birth ".

After sampling, rest for about two days ...

Furthermore, after taking the blood sample, the expectant mother must stay in bed for about 48-72 hours, which is the period in which most complications can occur.

... and the following week avoid any kind of effort

In the following week, it is no longer necessary to stay in bed, but it is advisable to lead a more rested life, avoiding any type of effort and abstaining from sexual intercourse for at least two weeks.

"Even with these fundamental precautions, however, both for the villocentesis and the amniocentesis there remains an estimated risk of fetal loss of around 1%, which to date unfortunately cannot be eliminated" concludes prof. Loyal.

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