Pregnancy: 10 apps to download on your smartphone

Apps to download during pregnancy

Monitor medical examinations, find out the progress of pregnancy, understand what changes in the body of the mother and the little week, make an album with photos of the growing baby bump, try yoga and gymnastics exercises to get back in shape: here are some of the functions that you will find in these 10 smartphone applications dedicated to pregnant women that we have selected from the best recommended by the App Store and Google Play.

In no way can they replace the advice of doctors, but they can be a useful and fun way to enjoy every day of your pregnancy.

In this article

  • Babycenter, the most downloaded 
  • My pregnancy, to guess the sex of the unborn child
  • Pregnancy - Sprout, a handy schedule of visits
  • My pregnancy - Doctissimo, fun to choose names
  • MyModernsParents Workout, gymnastics after childbirth
  • CineMama, photos of the baby bump day after day
  • Pregnancy Workout Advisory, gymnastics during pregnancy
  • Prenatal yoga, to relieve the pains of pregnancy
  • Real mom, advice for moms and dads 
  • Diary of my pregnancy

Pictures of pregnancy from conception

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After fertilization and the implantation of the embryo in the uterine cavity, complex transformations take place that start the path that leads from conception to formation ...

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1. Babycenter, the most downloaded

Fun to use, MyModernsParents really has numerous functions to monitor the medical record, record personal data, calculate daily hydration, discover tutorials for making massages during pregnancy, count the kicks that come from the belly. A real calendar ready to supply too useful addresses for the facilities to turn to in case of need and to organize visits during the nine months of gestation. With the progress of pregnancy they can be discovered advice on maternity shopping, on the diet and on esercizi to do to feel good and healthy, create an album with your ultrasound scans, calculate the fetal weight.

20 UNMISSABLE books to read during pregnancy

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For those who are not pregnant, it still represents a tool to monitor their menstrual calendar, record symptoms and daily moods, find out the periods of fertility and ovulation. Free for iOS and Android.

MyModernsParents is dedicated to both women and professionals.

2. My pregnancy, to guess the sex of the unborn child

Available on both the App Store and Google Play, the app My pregnancy helps future parents during pregnancy with useful information from conception to childbirth. Week after week, advice, pictures and curiosities about the baby's growth state are reported and the mother is advised on the tests to be carried out to monitor the progress of the pregnancy. For the more impatient, the app allows you to "play" by carrying out a statistical calculation on the presumed sex of the unborn child: just enter the date of the last full intercourse prior to ovulation.

With My Pregnancy you can "play" by making a statistical calculation on the presumed sex of the unborn child.

3. Pregnancy - Sprout, handy schedule of visits

Made by Med ART Studios, Sprout it can be downloaded for free from the Apple and Google stores but is also available in a paid "premium" version. The basic version allows you to have smartphones available information based on the guidelines of the Del Paesena Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SIGO) and color images and 3D reconstructions of fetal development.

A interactive pregnancy diary to be personalized with voices and personal photos, to preserve all the moments of the 9 months of gestation. It can also be easily exported to pdf to share it with your partner or close friends and relatives. Interesting is the visit agenda, which helps to keep track of all appointments, divided by type and date, and to write down questions and symptoms to show to the trusted doctor. Finally, more delicious is the hospital suitcase checklist and for the luggage of newborns, made with the advice of professionals. In addition, the app allows you to keep track of the weight, count i movements of child as they occur, record the contractions as the big moment approaches.

Pregnancy - Sprout allows you to have color images and 3D reconstructions of fetal development.

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4. My pregnancy - Doctissimo, fun to choose names

Very complete it is also "My pregnancy", the Doctissimo app: the first step is to enter the date of the last menstruation or the expected date of delivery. From here on, you can access numerous contents that, week after week, accompany the expectant mother with curiosity and useful information on the health of the child and the woman.

monitor clinical examinations and medical visits there's a program customizable; also very useful is the possibility of controllare through graphs the progress of your own weight. Among the tools to be used on the smartphone there is also the contraction counter, to measure its duration and frequency and to know when is the right time to go to the hospital. Funny is the list of names, from the most used to the least common, and the possibility of discovering the meaning of the names hypothesized for the unborn child. The mothers dictionary is also useful, to understand technical terms and definitions through clear and precise explanations. Available for free on iOS and Android.

If you want to find out the meaning of a name you like, check out our database of baby names too!

With My pregnancy have fun choosing the name of the unborn child.

6. CineMama, photos of the baby bump day after day

Do you love the idea of ​​having a history of your pregnancy also through the photo? CineMama is made just for this: free for Google Play and App store, the application allows you to upload pictures of your baby bump every day. In the end, an exciting video will be joined in a few steps, complete with writing and music, with which to relive the 9 months of pregnancy. In addition to this main function, the app can be used to record some information such as weight or to consult the monthly and weekly pregnancy calendar.

CineMama allows you to upload images of your baby bump every day.

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7. Pregnancy Workout Advisory, gymnastics during pregnancy

If you are looking for an app that suggests exercises to do during the nine months of pregnancy to stay in shape, you can find Pregrancy Workout Advisory on the App Store and Google Play. Unfortunately it is available in English only, but if that's not a problem you will find ideal workouts quarter after quarter. The app also suggests the most suitable foods and which ones to avoid. Each workout is explained in detail with graphics showing how to do the exercise correctly.

Pregnancy Workout Advisory suggests exercises to be done during the nine months of pregnancy.

8. Prenatal yoga, to relieve the pains of pregnancy

A daily yoga workout program tailored to each trimester of pregnancy - it does what it promises Prenatal Yoga, for iOS and Android, with exercises suggested by expert yoga instructors. The app offers yoga exercises, also explained with the help of videos, to relieve common pregnancy discomforts such as back pain, pain, nausea, cramps, morning sickness and insomnia.

Prenatal Yoga provides a daily yoga training program.

9. Real mom, advice for moms and dads

The app Real Mom not only keeps track of your baby's development, but also helps future dads with useful information and little tips to enhance this wonderful experience.

The application helps you throughout the nine months of pregnancy and even in the postpartum phase, with articles related to the topics that are important to all new mothers.

Source: Vera mamma

10. Diary of my pregnancy

Diary of my pregnancy is a free pregnancy tracking app that will help you stay calm throughout your gestation period. This pregnancy guide will always keep you informed about the processes taking place in your body, your baby's development, and the things that matter most to you now, including a healthy diet. Everything you need will be under control, including a timer for when you have contractions, for example. Whenever you feel perplexed and don't know how to behave in a new situation, you can launch this app and find the answers to your questions.

Source: My Pregnancy Diary
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Questions and answers

What are the first signs of pregnancy?

Nausea, pain in the lower abdomen, a feeling of tightness in the breasts: these are some of the most common symptoms of a pregnancy. But this is not the case for all mothers-to-be. Find out why in the article on pregnancy symptoms.

When do the first symptoms of pregnancy appear?

The first signs of pregnancy, such as nausea, begin to show up between 2 and 8 weeks after conception.

How long does a pregnancy last?

Nine months is the answer. But this is not exactly the case: the gestation is about nine months and ten days long, that is forty weeks, or if you prefer, ten lunar months.

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