Pregnancy and sex: the 5 things he never told you

Pregnancy and sex: the 5 things he never told you

You are pregnant, you begin to no longer recognize yourself in your new body and, perhaps, you also see yourself as ugly: the belly that pushes, the hips that widen, the ankles that swell ... And so the existential questions begin: will I ever be able to put my cool designer jeans back on? If I buy that dress, will it still fit me after giving birth? Will I get stretch marks? (READ ALSO: weight in pregnancy)

Of course, these are certainly not questions at the top of the list of priorities (where there are instead those on the sex of the unborn child and, above all, on his health). But the Hamletic doubt still remains in the background, and the question "Does my partner still like me?" emerges overbearing.

Well, if he never told you too, here's the answer: yes, he still likes you. Indeed, if possible he likes you even more because of those transformations that your body is undergoing. Starting from that breasts that you feel huge but which for him is a dream come true. (Read also: The phrases a man should NEVER say to a pregnant woman)

Here then, unveiled by Fit Pregnancy magazine, the five things he didn't tell you about your pregnant body.

1 - The baby bump is sexy

It may be a bit "uncomfortable", but the baby bump, while not exactly sexy, attracts the attention of him, who, like you, is attracted to your baby inside. And if, during the first few months, he is not bulky enough to be an obstacle under the sheets, as the pregnancy progresses he can become one. So you have to be a little more creative.

2 - The breasts ... like it!

Whether you were well-endowed before, or you had the "champagne glass" model, with pregnancy your breasts increase in volume, and a lot. And he certainly doesn't mind, on the contrary: the bigger the breast, the more men like it, is an evolutionary mechanism. The only problem is that it can also become much more sensitive, so much so that it is sometimes painful to touch. So he has to understand that he has to take it slow. (Read also: Breast in pregnancy)

3 - The cuddles increase

Maybe he did it before, maybe not. But now he likes to pamper you, caress you, fill you with attention. In your womb you carry another human being, who is his son. And for that reason alone, you're as sexy as ever for him.

4 - Sex (when there is) is more beautiful than usual

It will be for the hormones, which during pregnancy increase your deso, it will be for the fact that during pregnancy also the vaginal lubrication and the blood flow to the genitals increase (which means more pleasure for you too), but the sex, during those nine months, for him it is more beautiful than ever. And in some couples it is even more frequent, which is good. (read also: sex in pregnancy)


5 - To him you are a goddess

You may not feel super-sexy, but your man no doubt disagrees. Not only are you as physically attractive to your partner as and more than before, but you are growing inside of you as a child of him. And that, in his eyes, makes you a goddess of love.

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