Pregnancy, on a diet after the holidays

Pregnancy, on a diet after the holidays
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How to get in diet after feasts if you are pregnant? There are some basic tricks - here's what they are.

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1. Eliminate sweets for a week

"To lose the kilos accumulated during the Christmas holidays, the first rule is to abolish (and not simply reduce!) Sugar and all sweets" said Dr. Diana Scatozza, a specialist in Food Science with a dietary-diet therapy in our city.

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2. Barley tea or coffee for breakfast

In the morning, drink a cup of tea, which has a diuretic and detoxifying effect; if you don't like the taste, a good alternative is barley coffee, perhaps with the addition of a little milk. To top it off, ok to two rusks.

3. Fruit and low-fat yogurt for a snack

For a mid-morning snack, a fruit is excellent. The best and least 'sugary' of the season are apples. For the afternoon, a low-fat, white or fruit yogurt is perfect. If you prefer, yogurt can be eaten as a snack and fruit as a snack.

4. Lunch and dinner: eliminate the pasta

"Since this is a diet to be followed only for a few days, it is possible to completely eliminate pasta and rice", emphasizes Dr. Scatozza. "To ensure the intake of carbohydrates, it will be sufficient to consume a sandwich of 50 grams in each of the main meals".

5. Start your meal with lots of vegetables

Start both lunch and dinner with a hearty plate of vegetables, raw or cooked according to taste. Alternatively, ok with a nice vegetable soup, or a vegetable or meat broth (without fat, however).

"Starting a meal with vegetables is always an excellent habit" explains the dietician: "in addition to being easily digestible, vegetables help fill the stomach immediately with a limited intake of calories, and it also slows down the absorption of what is needed. it is eaten later, prolonging the sense of satiety. Finally, it manages to 'harness' part of the fat ingested during the meal in the intestine, which is then disposed of without being assimilated by the body ".

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6. As a main course without fat meat or fish

After the vegetables, eat a dish of fish or white meat, cooked in the simplest way possible (boiled, steamed or grilled). Once a week, bresaola is also good, as long as the woman does not test negative (in this case raw cured meats such as bresaola must be banned). Avoid other types of protein these days, such as eggs or cheeses.

7. Every now and then a single dish

Two or three times a week, as a single dish you can eat a soup of legumes or a soup of cereals, such as barley, spelled, oats. In this case, however, the portion of bread must be eliminated.

8. Watch out for seasonings

To flavor the dishes, give each meal a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese plus a tablespoon of raw extra virgin olive oil.

"In addition, to cover the increased calcium requirement of the nine months, ok with a flake of Parmesan, both for lunch and dinner, which has a good satiating power and, in small quantities, does not give a large caloric intake" he suggests. the dietician.

9. Semi-skimmed milk before bed

If the expectant mother is craving something warm before going to bed, she can drink chamomile tea (unsweetened) or a cup of semi-skimmed milk.

10. The last tip: drink lots of water

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, which helps to dispose of the liquids accumulated due to the tastiest food of the holidays and purify the body.

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Questions and answers

Pregnancy, how to lose weight after the holidays? 

It is advisable to lose weight by eliminating sweets, drinking barley tea or coffee when you wake up and eating lots of vegetables.

After the holidays, if you are pregnant and want to lose weight, is it possible to get rid of the pasta? 

To ensure the intake of carbohydrates, it will be sufficient to consume a sandwich of 50 grams in each of the main meals.

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