Pregnancy, what to do if you have a dog, cat, hamster or canary

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  • You have a dog? Here's what to do

Pregnant. Try to get your dog used to small children already during pregnancy. If possible, take him to friends with children and observe his reactions.

With the newborn. Do you want to know a trick? While you are still in the hospital with your sweet baby, give dad a used baby dress for the dog to smell. The dog will become familiar with the smell. Another secret: if at the first meeting you introduce your baby to the dog by holding him at his height or at his feet, throughout his life the dog will feel responsible for him and will become an enthusiastic guardian of the cradle.

With the child: in the first two years of life, children are defenseless and above all able to annoy the dog with their exuberance and the desire to play, considering dogs as real toys. Therefore, be careful to always keep a close watch on the dog and never leave the dog and child alone. From the age of two, it is possible to explain to children that their friend now wants to be left alone. To avoid quarrels: divide the child's games from those of the dog.

  • Help, the cat in the crib

Pregnant. Avoid cleaning the litter box during the months of pregnancy. If you can't do without it, use rubber gloves (also recommended for garden work, where it is easy to come into contact with the cat's feces on the ground). In fact, cats can transmit the pathogens of toxoplasmosis, which can be dangerous for the fetus. If your blood tests show that you have already developed antibodies, contact with the cat is no longer a problem.

With the newborn. Be careful that the cat does not sneak undisturbed into the baby's bed or that it does not even go to sleep right on his face. The cat can accompany you when you put the baby to bed, but then he has to leave the room. Keep the door closed or place a net over the cot.

With the baby. Sooner or later your baby will learn how sharp the cat's nails are. What can you do? You can let your little one know when the cat wants to be left alone.

  • No to pregnant hamsters

Pregnant. Remember that hamsters and mice can transmit the LCM virus, ferrets, leptospirosis and listeriosis. In order to avoid any risks, experts advise not to keep these animals at home during pregnancy, while after giving birth they can return. It is advisable to submit these animals to a veterinary visit with all the necessary tests.

With the baby. Children love rabbits and guinea pigs very much, but these animals are afraid of this enthusiasm and do not let themselves be held in their arms for long.

  • Canaries, beware of the cage

Let's face it: children and birds don't get along very well. The coolest game for a two-year-old (punching the cage because it makes a good noise) is a nightmare for the bird. The best thing to do is to put the bird cage in a place that the child cannot reach.

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