Pregnant woman: seats and priority in the row, what rights?

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When the baby bump is now evident, swollen ankles and a sore back, finding someone to make us jump over the line at the supermarket or give us a seat on the bus is unfortunately only a matter of politeness and courtesy.

Yes, because there is no legal rule that establishes the right of way for pregnant women.

No right of way in line or on the bus

"The right to pass forward while standing in line or having a reserved seat on public transport it exists neither for pregnant women nor for elderly people or people with disabilities»Explains the lawyer Emanuela Astolfi, president of the “Citizen's Advocate” association.

“Common sense should tell us that in the case of a pregnant woman it is advisable to have her sit down or give her priority, but unfortunately there is no type of legal prescription that imposes it. Fortunately, few know that there is no right established by law even before signs inviting you to vacate your seat».

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If we meet people who do not want to let us pass, we must however remember that they do not commit any wrongdoing and they do not go against any norm. Giving priority is a moral duty that relies on common sense and good education, but it is not an obligation.

Priority for medical examinations

The only situation in which a woman has the right to have precedence concerns the waiting lists for examinations prescribed during pregnancy. «When a woman has to undergo a check-up, the doctor can insert a special code in the reservation that guarantees urgency and allows the examination to be carried out as soon as possible. However, if the waiting lists are still too long, then you have to send a written request to the competent ASL in which you are asked to take the exam in a public facility within the deadline set by the doctor. If the ASL does not respond or in any case cannot guarantee rapid times, the woman can contact a private person request reimbursement of the cost of the visit to the health service».

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The important thing is to always notify the ASL with a written letter before performing paid exams, so that they can then be reimbursed. "Normally you should not wait more than 30 days for medical examinations and 60 days for diagnostic tests. But in pregnancy there are certain time limits to be respected ».

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