Premature Babies: 50 Exciting Testimonials

Premature Babies: 50 Exciting Testimonials
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They are little warriors, ready to face life when they should still be calm and warm in their mother's belly. Babies born before the 37th week of gestation are premature. Pio, Daisy Mae, Francesco, Aurora, Caterina, Matteo, Syria and many others, are all premature babies who have made it.

Here are their very strong stories, told by their mothers and fathers, grouped by week of birth.

Stories of babies born at 23 weeks of pregnancy

1 - The story of little Lily, born at 23 weeks

Like Lily, more and more premature babies born in the 23rd week of pregnancy are surviving. And they question the current abortion law in England. In the UK it is possible to have an abortion up to the 24th week.

2 - Michela, the baby born at 23 weeks

Little Michela was born on December 31st, just 23 weeks of gestation. She weighed just 460 grams. The little girl is fine now and on 11 April she finally got out of the hospital. "Her will to live made the difference" assure the doctors who followed her.

Stories of babies born at 24 weeks of pregnancy

3 - Pio, born premature at 24 weeks

The story of Pio, a great warrior, a small, premature baby born at only 24 weeks. Mom Johana and her sweet tale.

Stories of babies born at 25 weeks

4 - Daisy Mae, born at 25 weeks

Little Daisy Mae arrived too early: at 25 weeks. Her father, Wayne, documented the growth and achievements of her baby with photos and stories by creating a Facebook page, Little Daisy Mae. He also wrote a book: "Little Daisy Mae, the little girl who can't wait".

Stories of babies born at 26 weeks

5 - Denuel, born at 26 weeks but with a lion's strength

Denuel was born at just 26 weeks of pregnancy. A strong premature who has overcome all difficulties. The most beautiful day? When he finally he was breathing alone and they took off his mask.

6 - Story of Francesco, born at 26 weeks. He weighed only 600 grams

When Francesco was born he weighed 570 grams which became 505 after the decline. It was December 22nd and his mother was in the 26th week of pregnancy. He is now 9 years old and a very healthy child.

7 - Aurora, born at 26 weeks

Little Aurora was born at 26 weeks. Her mother had contracted listeria and had to have an emergency caesarean section. Premature babies? They are very strong children with a great desire to live. Aurora is proof of this.

8 - I gave birth at 26 weeks and ... we did it!

At 5.00 in the morning of August 14 the team arrived, broke the sack ... and at 5.16 Kevin was born. Just 26 weeks. With faint tears ... Kevin weighed 806 grams by 28 cm, and from there began his long journey to be able to live. This is the story of him.

9 - Story of a baby born at 26 weeks

The story of Sara, mother of a premature baby born on April 4, 2022 of 26 weeks and 2 days. She was 21 at the time and was her first child.

10 - My experience as a premature baby in the 60s

The story of a mother born prematurely in the 60s. After five pregnancies that ended badly, she arrived.

11 - My warrior arrived at 26 weeks. It is my most precious gift

After the rupture of the pouch and the loss of amniotic fluid, the doctors told me that I was in danger of having an abortion. I was in the nineteenth week. Hospitalized since that day, after continuous sampling, monitoring, etc., on 07 March 2022 she came into the world, fortunately, with a thrust that contained all the immense strength of her, my little Gaetano. We stayed in TIN 109 days. Here is my story.

12 - Valerio Maria, born at 26 weeks despite Preeclampsia and Hellp syndrome

The baby was born weighing only 500 grams. The doctor who had operated on me told me that I had had preeclampsia and hellp syndrome and that I had been lucky anyway. Here is the story of my premature warrior.

Stories of babies born at 27 weeks

13 - My little premature warrior has a great desire to live

My son came into the world premature, when I was in the 27th week of pregnancy. After his birth, he stayed in the hospital for 119 days, during which he overcame many challenges: respiratory crises, resuscitation, bronchodysplasia, retinopathy and surgery. To this day, he still has oxygen, which he'll take off later when his lungs and heart settle down. We are confident and we love it.

Watch the video:

14 - Geneva, born at 27 weeks with Hellp syndrome

Little Geneva came into the world at 27 weeks. The mother had Hellp's syndrome during pregnancy, a serious worsening of her gestosis. Today, mother and daughter are doing well and have had the strength to overcome everything.

15 - Adele, born at 27 weeks after 2 miscarriages

After 2 miscarriages I got pregnant and the pregnancy, although difficult, continued. My baby girl was born at 27 weeks of gestation. She is now 18 months old and she is a warrior, a girl who is always cheerful, sociable and has a smile for everyone. Now only good things.

Stories of babies born at 28 weeks

16 - Single and pregnant at 16: "My little fighter was born at 28 weeks"

He is 15, she is 16. They know each other, love each other and, after some time, they discover that they are parents. The story of the contrasted love between Chiara and Simone, parents of little Victor, born premature in the 28th week.

17 - My two premature babies have struggled since birth

My first child, Jonathan, arrived ahead of time and had to spend 32 days in Tin. Two years ago Jonathan became Samuel's elder brother, my other warrior son, indeed he more than Jonathan. Today I am the mother of two warrior children: they are special children!

Stories of babies born at 29 weeks

18 - Emma, ​​born at 29 weeks: an extraordinary warrior

I gave birth to my daughter at 29 weeks. She was tiny. They immediately took her to the NICU, then we began to do the pouch therapy. So she began her climb to the top. She gained weight and in just 46 days she reached 1 kilo 820. Enough weight to go home.

19 - I am the mother of a beautiful premature warrior, had by an unstable and violent man

My second pregnancy was very difficult. I was pregnant with an unstable and very violent man who beat me during pregnancy. Of course I left him, but the pregnancy continued with threats of abortion. My little one was born premature at 29 weeks. I'll tell you my story.

20 - History of Syria, born at 29 weeks

1 kg and 450 cm, little Syria was born at just 39 weeks. They transfer her to intensive care, but the little girl immediately shows herself to be combative. She stays there for 29 days and then ...

21 - My monoamniotic homozygous twins, born at 29 weeks

Born 10 months ago and ... pregnant again. Of two twins!

22 - Stefano, my wren born at 29 weeks

Born of only 1270 g ... and many thoughts. And then intubated for 15 days. Here is the story of little Stefano.

Stories of babies born at 30 weeks

23 - Lorenzo Leon, born at 30 weeks: story of a great little warrior

He was born tiny, just under two kg. Her hand in the incubator was smaller than an inch. Now Lorenzo Leon is growing more and more. He is a healthy and lively child.

24 - Childbirth at 30 weeks, my story as a premature mother

40 days of TIN, many thoughts and worries. But premature babies have something extra.

25 - Our miracle: Giovanna Vittoria, born at 30 weeks

The story of a miracle, of the birth of little Giovanna Vittoria. And she has two little sisters in heaven who watch over her.

26 - I am the happy mother of a "very preterm" child

My first child came into the world with a premature birth, weighing only 880 grams. Being the mother of a "very preterm" child has not always been easy, but it has allowed me to savor that unconditional love, that closeness, those sensations and emotions so engaging that I never imagined and that perhaps I would not have been able to experience them. things had gone differently. Today I am the happy mother of Gabriele and Mattia: even the latter, at birth, made us take a cuddly, but that's another story. I have been blessed twice!

Stories of babies born at 31 weeks

27 - Twins born premature at 31 weeks after an emergency cesarean.

I gave birth to my two babies before term, exactly at the thirty-first week of pregnancy. The little girls remained for two months in the NICU. It was a real pain to leave them there every day for all that time. Our girls are warriors, on the other hand like all premature babies.

28 - Pregnant with polycystic ovary, never stop fighting!

Two abortions and then assisted fertilization. They said that with polycystic ovary it would be difficult to get pregnant ... but I got pregnant! And I gave birth in the 31st week.

29 - My twins, born in the 31st week of pregnancy, did it!

My twins were born prematurely, in the XNUMXst week of pregnancy. They were tiny and we spent two months in Tin. When they were released from the hospital, despite the low weight of both, we were delighted. Since returning home my husband and I have worked hard and they have had incredible strength.

Stories of babies born at 32 weeks

30 - "Placenta previa centrale": story of my Federico, born at 32 weeks

Premature babies have an extra gear, they learn to fight for a living from when they are in their mother's womb. Mamma Valentina fought together with her little Federico and is proud and honored to be her mother.

31 - My beautiful premature baby, born at 32 weeks

It was tough, but they made it! Mamma Valentina is happy and honored to be the mother of a premature baby, born at 32 weeks with an emergency caesarean section. Their story.

32 - Emanuele, 32 weeks premature baby

This is the story of strong Emanuele, a premature baby who decided to be born at 32 weeks. Today he is in full health for 29 months!

33 - My prince, born at 32 weeks

At 32 weeks and 5 days mom Imma broke the waters ... what a scare! She immediately ran to the hospital and, with a Caesarean section, her little prince was born ... Now he is 2 years and 3 months old and he is a very lively and beautiful child.

34 - Premature babies: the story of Caterina, born at 32 weeks

At 22:55 mum Maria saw a little girl who, despite her prematurity, was chubby and with a double chin ... but with a thin breast and chicken legs ... her daughter Caterina!

35 - My (premature) birth at just 16 years old

A very young single mother, pregnant at only 16 years old. Her story of her giving birth at 32 weeks of pregnancy.

36 - My Story of "Premature Mom"

The baby cried immediately and the thermal cradle was enough for a few days. Now he is still hospitalized in neonatology, but he feeds with a bottle, and apart from a little jaundice he is fine.

Stories of babies born at 33 weeks

37 - My puppy, born at 33 weeks

With great amazement, that morning getting out of bed he realized that the waters were broken ... rushing to the emergency room, I was 33 + 5 weeks. The little girl wanted to be born ...

38 - Preterm delivery at 33 weeks

At 33 weeks, little Leo came into the world with a caesarean section. He weighed only 2080 kg and they kept him for 15 days in neonatology. The story of him.

39 - Baby born at 33 weeks with a real knot in the umbilical cord

My son was born in the 33rd week of gestation. After his birth, the doctors realized that there was a real knot in the umbilical cord and the placenta was already black. My baby risked a lot. Here is my story.

Stories of babies born at 34 weeks

40 - After a fulminating gesture, I saw the light again thanks to my daughter

Mom was only 34 weeks when she had a lightning-fast gestosis. The mother has recovered thanks also to her daughter Valeria ...

41 - Premature babies are warriors

The story of the birth of Camilla, born premature and of low weight on July 8, 2022. Premature babies are warriors! They have a strength and a will to live above the norm. By now everything has passed, fortunately!

42 - My daughter Rachel, the angel who watches over my little Matthew

Matteo was born at 32 weeks, unexpected and with a lot of fear. And, as mother Francesca says, it was his little sister Rachele who watched over and watched over him so that everything went for the best.

43 - Unexpected premature birth: "my child was born 40 days earlier than expected"

He was born 40 days earlier than expected. Today Samuele is 14 months old and weighs almost 11 kg. He is 77 cm tall. And it is the joy of mothers and fathers.

44 - Child born at 34 weeks and ... apnea

The little girl was born with an induced delivery at 34 weeks. So much fear and so much fright. After 2 months she still has apneas ... Mamma Samuela asks for advice.

Stories of babies born at 35 weeks

45 - I am leaving at 25 weeks. "I felt my daughter was ready to be born"

A very long labor. And then Elisabetta was born. In the hospital for seven days and then ... at home with mom and dad!

Stories of babies born at 36 weeks

46 - Born at 36 weeks, my little warrior

The little warrior Daniele, born at 36 weeks, was intubated at birth and his heart was tired. What thoughts and worries! Here is the story of him.

47 - My cesarean delivery at 36 weeks: "nothing is impossible"

At the age of 17, mother Mariangela discovers that she has a malformation of the uterus and the doctors make a thousand different diagnoses: didelfus uterus, bicornuate uterus, uterine septum. Despite everything, she became pregnant years later, and she gave birth, in the 36th week, to a wonderful baby girl.

Stories of babies born at 37 weeks

48 - My induced delivery at 37 weeks

It is the first days of July 2022 and at the hospital check-up for 30 weeks with an echo of growth the result: slowdown in growth!

49 - My baby in the incubator

He was born at 37 weeks, 3225 kg. And he was having a hard time breathing on his own. Here is the story of him.

Stories of babies born less than 1 kg

50 - Samuel, yes 900 gr and 5 kg

To all mothers who are experiencing a difficult time! Story of little Samuel, born of 900 gr. After five operations, six and a half months, Samuel leaves the hospital ... Now he is fine, he eats a lot, weighs 5 kilos and we are a family!

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