Premature babies, things to know about these "special" babies

One of the fears of the moms during pregnancy it is that of a childbirth premature. An eventuality traumatic, but that especially in Of the country has sky-high rates of success for premature that arise before area of 37esima week and also among those who weigh less than 1,5 kilograms.

Children born premature, these little ones wrens that have need di più cycle immediately after the delivery, I am subjected a controls for at least three years from birth, but all this is above all part of a protocol which helps the growth Of these children and resolution di problems related to failure training complete with some functionality. recommendations however, there are two main ones: contact (skin a skin) is nearness of the Parents, especially of the mum, nutrition with the breast milk,food which can help the most small a to grow up e develop even during the period in incubator.

Il delivery can be anticipated bound to several factors such as the gesturesi, important rises di pressure break of bag amniotic, the detachment area of placenta or diseases of small which cannot be cured inside the womb maternal. Whatever the reason for a delivery before the 37th week, a lot depends on how much organs interior, especially i lungs, have succeeded in form andevolution of immune system has come to a good point. Factors which are kept under very tightly control by specialists of the departments of neonatology.

For this reason the newborns premature are put in incubator to protect the passage byuterus maternal to the environment external coverage from possible infections, monitoring of the functionality and to help the respiratory system to complete his training.

The permanence inincubator varia ei Parents, helped by doctors competent, they must be optimists and full of patience to help the small in this first phase his "vita": if he small was born between 33esima and 34esima one week may be enough settimana, while for most children you can get to two months. To determine the exit fromincubator of the premature they are two elements: the breathing autonomous and the capacity di feed.

As mentioned before, thelove area of mum and its nourishment they can be determinantsI premature fed with the breast milk, in fact, they are more protected From infections and favorites in the physical development e neurological. The mum can use the breast pump or, if not possible, the banks of XNUMX cups milk which provide the departments of neonatology.

Overcome this phase which can be a lot stressful to Parents e neonate, we move on to "vita" out ofhospital, a real new one birth. To ensure it development of the premature practice provides that i nati with weight less than 1 chilo are subjected to 5 visits in the first year and 1 every 6 months up to 6 years. For Infants with weight greater, the visits I am more thinned out, But the frequency is established according to the issues of small.

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