Press yourself: what they are and how to recognize them

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With the squeeze uterine the delivery it has now reached its expulsive phase, which is the moment when the baby actually comes to light. So let's find out more about these strange contractions.

  • Press yourself: what are they?
  • The types of rewards
  • What to do when the rewards are perceived?

Press yourself: what are they?

Rewards are defined as of contractions (or sometimes spasms) which can affect the abdomen, intestines or, in the case of childbirth, the maternal uterus.

The uterine premitus, specifically, are the type of contractions that, during labor, stimulate the mother to "push" to more easily expel the baby from the uterus. This type of premiti in fact marks the beginning of the expulsive phase of childbirth.

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The types of rewards

Normally by uterine premitus we mean the natural and involuntary contractions that occur during childbirth, however premitus can also be "induced" by medical personnel.

  • Spontaneous award: the mother spontaneously perceives the stimulus to push, thus following the natural path of the expulsive phase of childbirth. This is the preferable case, because it decreases the risk of trauma and does not stress the pelvic floor.
  • Induced premise: in this case it is the medical and obstetric staff who urge the mother to push and mark the rhythm of the same pushes. Sometimes the mother does not naturally perceive the need to expel the fetus due to the effects of the epidural. When she finds herself in this situation, the woman makes a greater effort and therefore the chances of getting tired, suffering urinary and fecal losses and incurring small traumas to the pelvic floor increase.
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What to do when the rewards are perceived?

When the premise of childbirth is perceived, therefore, only one thing needs to be done: support the stimulus.

The uterine premitus in fact serve to facilitate the conclusion of the birth, therefore the mother must let herself go and push, perhaps helping herself by articulating with a breathing adequate (that's why pre-birth courses are important)


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