Rare names for boys and girls

Rare names for boys and girls
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Are you looking for a really rare name for your son or daughter? If you love original and unusual names, know that there are many and that many are really beautiful and little used. 

We have selected a number of rare names male and female, Del Paeseni and foreigners, in order to help you choose the one you like best.

If you want to discover others baby names, you can consult our database which contains over 6 thousand names from Del Paeseni and foreigners.

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  • Rare male names: Zaccaria, Lupo, Milo, Noè, Ascanio, Tito, Zeno, Orlando, Brando, Camillo;
  • Rare female names: Isotta, Mirta, Alma, Berenice, Glenda, Artemisia, Diamante, Priscilla, Bice, Raissa;
  • Rare names from Paeseni: Angelico, Gualtiero, Giusto, Ismaele, Neri, Ottavia, Luce, Nives, Clarissa, Tessa;
  • Nomi rari stranieri: Amabel, Birdie, Lake, North, Paz, Sasha, Elvis, Jago, Beckett, Cruz.
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Rare male names

There are some Del Paeseni male names that are truly original, not very common and which have very particular meanings. We have collected them for you. 

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  1. Zacharias. Hebrew name. It means: "memory of God". The name day is celebrated on March 15 (22 in some places) in memory of the holy Pope Zaccaria. Anglo-Saxon variant is Zac, like Zac Efron, American singer and actor.
  2. Wolf. From the Latin "lupus". The name day is generally celebrated on July 29 in memory of Saint Wolf of Troyes, a bishop of the XNUMXth century who, according to legend, convinced Attila to spare the city.
  3. Milo. Of Germanic origin. Nameday on February 23rd.
  4. Noah. Jewish origin. It means: quiet, rest. Name day: November 18 (feast of Patriarch Noah).
  5. Ascanio. Greek name, of uncertain meaning. Nameday on July 10 or October 6. Ascanio is also the name of the son of Aeneas and Creusa.
  6. Titus. Of Latin Etruscan origin. Originally "wild pigeon" ('titus'), then by translated, defender or defended, protector or protected ... Name day: January 16 (San Tiziano bishop of Oderzo); January 26 (San Tito bishop of Crete); 3 March (San Tiziano bishop of Brescia); May 4 (San Tiziano bishop of Lodi).
  7. Zeno. Greek origin. It originates from Zeus, with the meaning of "belonging to or sacred to Zeus". The name day is April 12 and December 8.
  8. bland. Germanic name. Contracted form of the name Aldobrando, which derives from hildjo and branda, with the meaning of "shining sword in battle". The name day falls on August 22 or May 1.
  9. Orlando Germanic name. Meaning: "famous land", or "which gives glory to the homeland". The name day can be celebrated on September 15th in memory of Blessed Orlando. Among the famous characters: Orlando Bloom, British actor.
  10. Camillo. Latin name. The hypothesis is that it derives from casmillus, a term that indicated the young nobles who assisted the priests during the sacred rites. Usually, the name day is celebrated on July 14 in honor of St. Camillus de Lellis. To remember among the historical figures with this name Camillo Benso count of Cavour.

20 short and rare male names

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Otto, Pablo, Liam, Aldo. Short names have a simple, yet elegant sound. And they don't risk being crippled with diminutives. Here are some of the rarest for children.

Rare female names

Are you looking for a rare female name? We have selected some of the most beautiful for you.

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  1. Isolde. Name of French origin, literally means "she who protects with iron". It is adespot, so the name day is celebrated on November 1st. It is the name of the protagonist of the literary myth of Tristan and Isolde.
  2. Myrtle. It comes from the Greek and refers to the name of the myrtle plant. The name day is celebrated on November 1st. Mirta is also the name of a character from the television series "A doctor in the family".
  3. Alma. It comes from the Latin and means "nourishing". The term "alma mater" is used to indicate the Madonna as "nursing mother". The name day can be celebrated on November 1st.
  4. Bernice. It comes from the Greek-Macedonian. It means: "she who brings victory". The name day is celebrated on October 4th. With this name the French actress Bérénice Bejo.
  5. Glenda. Name of Celtic origins and means "saint". The name day can be celebrated on November 1st.
  6. Artemisia. Name of Greek origin and means: "dedicated to Artemis", the goddess of the hunt. The name day is celebrated on February 18 in memory of Saint Artemisia. With this name to remember the painter Del Paesena Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1653).
  7. Diamond. Name referring to the famous precious stone. The name day is celebrated on November 1st.
  8. Priscilla. Name of Latin origin: at the base there is the adjective "priscus", which means "more ancient, older". Santa Priscilla is celebrated on January 16th. A variant is Prisca. Among the famous people Priscilla Presley, the daughter of Elvis.
  9. Being. It comes from the Latin and is the diminutive of Beatrice, which means: "she who makes you happy". The name day can be celebrated on January 18th. With this name the actress Del Paesena Bice Valori.
  10. Raisa. Russian name meaning Rachel. St. Rachel is remembered on September 30th.

30 rare female names

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Isotta, Alma, Clarissa, Diamante, are particular names and not very common. Here is a selection of rare but beautiful female names

Nomi rari Del Paeseni

Below you will find other rare names, male and female, which may arouse your curiosity for their original sound and meaning. 

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  1. Angelic. Name of Greek origin, it means "messenger or nuncio [Of God's will]". Sweet name, very sweet heart and soul.
  2. Gualtiero. Name with Germanic origin, composed of walda, "powerful", and harja, "people of arms", with the meaning of "he who commands the war". The name day falls on July 22 and June 5.
  3. Quite right. It has Latin origin and means "he or she who conforms to the law and to the law (in Latin 'ius' - 'iuris'), just ('iustus'), upright, honest".
  4. Ismaele. Of Hebrew origin, it means "God listens". The name day is celebrated on June 17. He was, in the Bible, one of the sons of the patriarch Abraham.
  5. Blacks. Shortened form of Ranieri (through the antiquated form Raineri) and more rarely, of Guarnieri (variant of Guarniero). It is an abbreviation used in Tuscany, especially in the city. Ranieri or Raniero is a name of Germanic origin and dates back to Raganhar, that is "army advised by the gods".
  6. Octavia. Feminine name of Latin origin. It means: "octave". The name day is celebrated on November 20. Among the famous people with this name the actress Del Paesena Ottavia Piccolo.
  7. Light. Feminine name that comes from Latin and means light. The name day is celebrated on September 15th in honor of Santa Maria della Luce.
  8. Nives. Feminine name that derives from the Latin and means "snow". It is a name linked to the cult of Santa Maria della Neve. The name day is celebrated on August 5th.
  9. Clarissa. It comes from the medieval French Claritia, in turn derived from the Latin name Clara which means "clear", "brilliant", "famous". The name day can be celebrated on November 1st.
  10. tessa. The name is a diminutive of Teresa, although Boccaccio uses it as a diminutive of Contessa. The name day can be celebrated on the same day as Teresa: 1st October.

Rare foreign names

Below are other rare foreign names, which can be truly original or exotic.

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  1. Amabel. Female name. Sweet compromise between Annabel and Amanda, it was a very popular name during the Middle Ages.
  2. Birdie. This was the name of a club for women only active in the 50s, in which it was a must to wear caps decorated with bird feathers. Today it has a very vintage flavor and is very original.
  3. Lake. English female name meaning "lake". Actress Lake Bell made it chic and alternative.
  4. North. English female name meaning "north". It is also the name of the daughter of celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.
  5. Peace "" is the meaning of this name widely used in Spain where two actresses like Paz Vega and Paz de la Huerta come from.
  6. Sasha. Sasha is the Russian version of Alexander. Sasha is also the name chosen by Alex Del Piero for one of his children.
  7. Elvis. It is impossible not to immediately think of the legendary king of rock'n roll, Elvis Presley: a cool and original male name.
  8. Champion. Iago is a decidedly more extravagant alternative than Jacob. It means "God protects" (or, like Jacob, "footprint of God").
  9. Beckett. Male name among the most popular names of the last decade and among the most popular of 2022. It is a name that recalls important characters: one of the greatest Irish writers, Samuel Beckett and Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury.
  10. Cross. Spanish male name, chosen by the Beckhams for the youngest of their three sons, all very stylish. It has Latin origin and means "cross".

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