Reading aloud is good for children

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We are all aware of the benefits of reading. But not everyone knows that too reading aloud is very beneficial for children. This is demonstrated by a study conducted on 1500 children aged between 6 and 11, who attend elementary school in Turin, Modena and Lecce.

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The teachers read some stories aloud to the children, such as Pinocchio, The Big Gentle Giant and The Chocolate Factory, for one hour a day for 100 days. Reading had to be perceived as a moment of pleasure and relaxation and not be associated with questions, exercises or tasks of any kind. The results of the research, the work of School joints e Giunti Publishers with the collaboration of the University of Perugia, they found that children benefit enormously from this simple practice.

From research, directed by Federico Batini, professor of experimental pedagogy at the University of Perugia, it emerged that reading aloud is able to affect aspects of learning from 10% to 20%: improves the ability to understand the text, cognitive skills, interest in topics and discussions, the property of language.

Furthermore, exposure to reading has advantages both in the “better” children and in those with a lower academic performance.

The benefits of exposure to reading also affect the problem solving, Or the ability to solve difficult situations in everyday life and not only in reference to one's own studies.

Batini says:

"Reading aloud can be considered a tool of 'democratic education' and should be permanently inserted in schools of all levels as a training ground for life, as an exercise capable of training the mind. It has no additional costs for the school, because it is administered by the teachers of the same class, who are even more motivated and creative in inventing sets and special rituals to signal reading time to children. But above all, it is for everyone. So we could achieve a true democracy of 'learning: reading aloud at school every day, for a suitable amount of time, would be able to reduce the significant impact that socio-cultural origin has on the probability of educational success and on people's future lives ".

So what are we waiting for? We also use reading aloud at home and read a story to our children every night before going to sleep.

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