Recovery after Caesarean section: 5 things to know

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There are still many question marks from mothers when it comes to caesarean delivery. One of the most frequent questions concerns the recovery time after the operation. Women want to know how long after they feel better, when they can go back to eating, walking and exercising.

Enrico Ferrazzi, director of the Obstetric and Gynecological Clinic of the V. Buzzi Children's Hospital in our city, answered all these questions in our video interview.

1. What are the recovery times after caesarean delivery?

If the cesarean is done with the appropriate techniques and the mother is healthy, the post cesarean recovery is not unlike that of natural birth. The same afternoon he can remove all the catheters and eat. We then want him to get up as soon as possible: already in the afternoon or, at the latest, the next morning. Because the sooner we move, the sooner the body starts moving, the sooner we recover and, among other things, we maintain breastfeeding even and despite the caesarean section. Overall, therefore, it can be said that two or three days are enough to physically recover from the caesarean section.

2. How long does it take to recover complete physical well-being?

Here it takes a little longer, about two weeks. To recover faster, don't be afraid of having a cut on your stomach right away. Many women think that their muscles have been damaged with a caesarean, but the muscles are not cut, they just spread apart. This is why there should be no fear of moving and walking right away.

3. Is there a specific therapy to be taken after the caesarean section?

If there has been no blood loss, there is no particular therapy. However, a healthy diet is recommended. In which half of the diet consists of fruit and vegetables, in which healthy proteins such as fish or legumes are eaten. And in which if you eat cereals, such as rice and pasta, they are always wholemeal. So that the intestine, which has been slightly touched with the surgery, is in the best condition and does not give sensations of swelling and constipation, which after a cesarean can be annoying.

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4. How can this period be best addressed from a psychological point of view?

If you wanted to have a natural birth and the caesarean was a little psychological trauma, you have to think that it was done for the health of the baby, so it is the first sacrifice that the baby requires of you: a positive thing. If it was done for therapeutic indications, it means that it could not have been done otherwise. The woman must begin to see the world from a different point of view: from now on it is made by her and by the child, therefore the sacrifices that are made must be made for this new couple.

5. Can I breastfeed after Caesarean delivery?

Caesarean delivery does not exclude breastfeeding, what a good hospital does, after an operation with a healthy mother, is to take the baby to the mother, skin on skin, in such a way as to develop breastfeeding immediately. An important piece of advice because breastfeeding is good for the baby and for the mother and prevents eating disorders that sometimes affect boys.
When you go home, always breastfeed in the same place, because the baby does not understand words, but understands colors and smells. And so if you breastfeed in different places, the baby will not understand when you eat and will cry more often.


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