Remove the diaper: books to read

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Remove the diaper

The transition phase from the diaper to the potty (or directly to the toilet) is one of the first steps that introduce children to a new phase of independence and, of course, responsibility. Yes, because removing the diaper does not only mean learning the mechanical movements necessary for the use of the "cup", but above all it implies starting to learn how to regulate oneself when "nature calls".

Adults obviously play a decisive role in this moment and therefore it can be helpful to use stories or tales to convey in an immediately understandable language everything that children have to learn about. poop pee-pee el 'correct use of the potty.

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Books on spannolatura

Taking off the diaper is an important moment in the life of a child, who needs adequate psychological (and physical) support to be able to take this decisive step in the "world of grown-ups". In this regard, it can be very useful for a parent to get help from many illustrated books which can certainly help the little one to empathize with the situation and enter into the perspective of abandonment of a reference - the diaper in fact - which until then represented the normality of his daily life.  

So here are some recommended titles to read with our children.

Mo Willems' pee course for beginners (The Beaver)

A great classic of the theme which, albeit with extreme simplicity, illustrates with a certain wealth of detail the steps to be taken to do one's own needs like big children, starting from the recognition of the stimuli to get to the final washing of the hands.

Can I look in your diaper? by Guido van Genechten (Clavis)

A little mouse with a diaper is curious to know the world and above all ... The poo of other animal friends. An engaging story that facilitates the very young "readers" to identify with the protagonist.

Pee! pee! by Emilie Jadoul (Bablibri)

An eloquent title for an illustrated book in which the protagonist is Leo, a penguin who wakes up his geniuses every night to go to the bathroom. Is the situation familiar?

Sara uses the toilet by Pauline Oud (Clavis)

Little Sara is tired of getting dirty with pee while she is playing. The girl then decides that it is time to use the potty and the book tells about this little big adventure that sooner or later brings together all the little "readers".

I want my potty by Tony Ross (Lapis)

A little princess rightly finds it a bit gross to keep using the diaper, but the idea of ​​the potty doesn't excite her. Fortunately, however, a series of events will convince her to change her mind.

Mattia uses the potty of Liesbet Slegers (Clavis)

A story as simple as it is well illustrated: Mattia learns to use the potty and can help even the little "readers" to do the same thing!

Bye bye, diaper! by Anna Casalis and Marco Campanella (Dami publisher)

Tip the mouse would like to stay and play in the gardens all afternoon, but you have to run home: his little sister has a full diaper ... what a bother, this little sister! When will she learn how to use the potty? Tip then takes matters into his own hands ...

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Stories for taking out the diaper

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To help babies say goodbye to diaper forever, it is essential to be close to them both physically and emotionally. In fact, the first few times the little ones experiment with the potty, many parents do it hold hands and maybe they tell them stories. This is an excellent technique - which can also be used away from the bathroom - because it transforms that of pee and poo into a moment of lightheartedness and play, therefore not associated with situations of performance anxiety that would slow down the process of familiarization with the new way of going to the body. Here are some examples

The "healthy" factory

Explain in a simple and understandable way the benefits of downloading it can often be a good way to get the kids to realize for themselves how good they are after pooing.

A metaphor to use could be that factory. In fact, our body needs a lot of energy to run, play and do whatever we like. So to get this energy we need to drink and eat properly. The many "workers" who live in our body (cells, red blood cells, enzymes, etc ...) they transform what we eat and drink into energy, but not everything is used: there are refuse which, like fruit peels or egg shells, must be thrown away. This waste is stored in a part of our body but for it not to fill up it is necessary from time to time that all the accumulation is expelled. That's why pooping is so good for us. Without it we would be full of crap!

The journey of the poop-garbage man

Staying more or less on the false narrative line, we can also customize the poop, which, although smelly and ugly from verse, is loaded with all the waste accumulated in our body and, like a good dustman, brings them fupri, outside. Of course, however, that if you continue to keep the diaper our poop-garbage man will not go anywhere: here comes the potty, which allows the poop to dive into the water and continue its journey!

Books to help poop

However, to learn how to go to the bathroom like adults, it is important to learn how to recognize and manage the stimuli of the body without getting caught up in anxieties or emotions. To do this, it can also be useful to familiarize yourself with the very concept of "poop" and the illustrated books at this point become very valuable allies

Caccanimali di Benoît Charlat e Mazzarelli (Gallucci)

Everyone poops, even animals. And the protagonists of this story are in fact cute animals who share with the "readers" each a different phrase to entice the children to poop (obviously in the special potty).

I lift and discover - Very first why: what is poop? by Katie Daynes and Marta Alvarez Miguéns (Usborne)

What is poop? Where is he from? And why is it important to do it? With this nice book with lots of flaps to lift, the little ones can find all the answers on the subject.

The island of poop by Maria Rita Parsi and Marilina Ricciardi (Coccole Books)

In this book the protagonist is so fond of his poop ... From never wanting to part with it! It will then be up to an expert doctor to make him discover the importance of freeing himself and using the potty.

Who did it on my head? by Werner Holzwarth (Salani)

A catastrophe falls on little Mole on a quiet spring evening: a poop literally falls on his head! But who is the culprit? To find him our mole will have to carry out thorough, stinking investigations ..

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