Returning home with the baby: how to deal with it peacefully


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Here it is finally the big moment! You have dreamed of it for weeks and weeks: you and your newborn baby leave the hospital or clinic to go home and start your life together. You've been fantasizing about it for the past 9 months waiting, preparing every detail with dedication and patience. Then you went through the birth and embraced the creature you carried in your womb and protected with love. And finally, when the best is coming, you get scared of going home with the baby!

Of course, now it's starting to get serious. After the days of hospitalization, in which you were assisted and helped by doctors and midwives, returning home with the baby marks a turning point. And fears can also be there: after all, children do not have a "manual" and now you have to put into practice what you have read or learned during pregnancy. "Eh it seems easy!", You say. No it is not. But we give you some suggestions to experience the return home with the baby peacefully.

Return home with the baby and visits from relatives

First, try not to find the apartment super crowded. Between the egg, the little one's bag and your suitcase, you and your partner will already be quite "messed up". And if you put your grandparents, friends, uncles and neighbors into it, you are in trouble! We understand the enthusiasm, but slowly there will be room for everyone.

Upon your return, you deserve some peace of mind. A fundamental thing also for your child: he has already suffered the shock of the outside world and now a big change awaits him. Right now he only needs you and your love. So don't be surprised if he will need a few days of settling down before getting used to it. If the environment is warm and intimate and you offer it yourself, it will adapt very easily. Therefore, the advice is to organize the visits over time. 

How to organize the home for the return with the baby

Before giving birth, organize your home in a functional way. Next to the changing table put everything you may need, such as gauze for dressing the umbilical cord and everything else for changing the diaper. At first it will seem like a titanic undertaking, but after a very short time you will be able to do it practically with your eyes closed, also because you will also do it at night!

Did you put the cradle in your room before returning home with the baby? It will certainly be more comfortable, to avoid getting up many times during the night. But no one forbids you to place it in another room: you will be a light sleeper that you will hear the baby without any problem.

The first night at home with a newborn can trigger a lot of emotions, including anxiety. Will I be able to meet his needs? And if he cries will I hear him? What should I do if she doesn't want to sleep? Mamma mia, if he gets a colic? Rest assured: you will know how to do everything and even more than you imagine. It is called instinct and will often save you from even complex situations.

Return home with the baby and breastfeeding

If you have started breastfeeding, carve out a corner of the house to do it in the utmost peace. Attach the baby every time he asks for it: on-demand breastfeeding is tiring, but know that it is the greatest gift you can give to your baby.

If, on the other hand, you use artificial milk, equip yourself with everything you may need: sterilizer, teats, baby bottles. Typically, one feeds every three hours.

When you get home, there is one thing you can do to prevent your child from mistaking day for night. It is true that the environment must be quiet, but this does not mean that you must live in the dark or in complete silence! During the day, when your baby is asleep, always let some light in and let him get used to the noises (you may also find that white noises make him sleep easier). He will adapt more easily to the world around him.

The role of the partner when returning home with the baby

Once you get home, your partner plays a key role. Keep in mind that he may feel a little "hit" too. Try to involve him in everyday life: he can help you with a bath or prepare a bottle, sing a lullaby while you take a shower (try to find the time!) Or give you a massage if you have a stomach ache. These are new and amazing emotions for him as well and living them together is the best gift you can give yourself.

All the others (grandparents, uncles, neighbors) will also want to feel useful: please them. Maybe they can do the shopping or hang out the clothes for you. You manage it without forgetting who is really in charge now: your child.

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