Returning home with the baby: that's what you really need


  • 1 The trio
  • 2 The changing table
  • 3 The bath tub
  • 4 Cot or cot
  • 5 Hygiene products
  • 6 Everything for breastfeeding (breast or formula)

After delivery, the time more exciting for each parent: return a casa with the neonate. a mix di anxiety, happiness, fear e questions it will surely flock to yours heart and it is absolutely legitimate. After all, the "vita" "True" begins now that you can rock it among yours arms on yours sofa. But what do you need to have soon in casa to receive the newcomer? What buy really Useful to avoid di crowd all rooms di products which then not you will use? Let's try to do a list more or less complete.

Besides what need to mom and baby in hospital, return a casa with the neonate va thought e organized well. There is no need to do this become a stress, in reverse prepare all he will have need after birth it can be a lot funny. Provided cercare the objects righteous, without getting caught by Shopping unrestrained. Let's try to make one list of the main "must have", which can be expanded based on needs different. You can also take cue to create a real one birth list (it can be done in a way easy su Amazon, did you know? Click HERE for discover how you do it)

The trio

What certainly must not be missing for returning home with the baby is the trio, that is, carrycot, baby egg and stroller. The first two will be needed immediately: the carrycot for sleeping or, if equipped with the appropriate safety kit, even in the car, for example when leaving the hospital. For the car, however, the baby carrier (or baby carrier) will also be fine. The stroller is used after some time, usually around 6 months.

The choice of the trio can depend on many factors: size, heaviness, aesthetics or price. Usually the latter criterion can be decisive. There are comfortable and practical models that cost a few hundred euros (you can see one HERE) and others that, with annexes and connected, even reach over a thousand. You will surely find what is right for you.

The changing table

Before returning home with the baby, a nappy change area must be set up. The location of the changing table will depend on the spaces in your home. It is very convenient to have it in the bathroom, but if it is not big enough you can opt for the child's room or, alternatively, for yours. The ideal changing table has shelves or compartments for storing nappies, wipes and everything you need to clean your little one.

Also in this case, there are various models on the market. For example, there are those that have a built-in bath tub, those placed above a chest of drawers or, again, the classic ones mounted on a metal base. Prices are very variable, from a few tens of euros to several hundred. If you have space problems you can choose a wall changing table.

The bath tub

Let's stay in the cleaning area by talking about another useful object for returning home with the baby: the baby bath. Once the umbilical cord stump falls, it will be a daily appointment for the baby and - with some exceptions - he will have a lot of fun. Remember to also buy a water thermometer, which must be 37 degrees.

For the tray you have a wide choice. In addition to the changing tables that have included it (but they are not always very comfortable: think for example of filling and emptying), there are various types: classic plastic ones to be placed on the appropriate base or directly in your home tub, rubber ( practical because it folds up and takes up no space. You can also take it on vacation) or to put it in the shower if you don't have a bathtub. Here too the choice will depend on your tastes and needs.

Cot or cot

For the first few months after giving birth, many mothers use the trio's carrycot for the baby's sleep. Babies grow quite fast though, so it's not something that can be used for very long. The choice must therefore be made between a cot or a cot directly. Even the cradle can only be used "for a fixed period" for the same reason as the shuttle and therefore for the return of the baby at home you can consider buying a cot, which will certainly last longer.

If you opt for the cot (for example the traditional one with wooden bars), you have to keep in mind that a newborn of a few days, who has not yet got used to the outside world, could feel a bit "lost". There are therefore reducers that "wrap" him in a warm embrace, as if it were that of his mother. In addition, to facilitate breastfeeding and physical contact, beds that attach to the parents' bed by lowering one side are very popular lately (you can find a model HERE).

A "summer" alternative is the camping cot. If you put a normal mattress, higher than the small one you find supplied, you can also use it every day at home. The comfort lies in the fact that the sides are soft (and there is no need for bumpers) and made in a net, allowing a better passage of air and therefore a fresher sleep.

Hygiene products

Also in this case, it is not necessary to rob a pharmacy or health care before returning home with the baby. There are not many hygiene products that are really needed: diapers (at will), a delicate shower gel (without perfume and without irritating substances), a zinc-based cream for the reddened bottom, a soft sponge. Cotton swabs are banned, talcum powder and cologne unnecessary, while wet wipes should only be used when you are out: for a diaper change at home you just need warm water and at most a drop of super delicate soap.

Also keep hydrogen peroxide and gauze pads close at hand to care for the umbilical stump. It will have to be done for a few days, until it falls on its own. Also buy some nail scissors (you have no idea how fast they grow) with rounded tips and a thermometer: hopefully it won't help, but better be ready. He eats too

Everything for breastfeeding (breast or formula)

We come to the baby food. Whether breastfed or formula-fed, everything must be ready to go home with the baby. In reality, breastfeeding does not take much: you will need breast pads for you and a breast pump, if for a thousand reasons you need to stock up on breast milk (back to work or need to leave the baby to someone). The most comfortable breast pumps are undoubtedly electric ones, but there are those who are better off with manual ones.

If, on the other hand, the little one takes artificial milk, what you need are baby bottles (better if with natural or anti-colic teat), bottle warmers (there are also travel ones, which attach to the cigarette lighter of the car) and sterilizers (we talked about them extensively HERE) . Whatever way you feed your baby, one last tip is to get a nursing pillow - it's super comfortable for you and your little one!

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