School, the backpack does not cause scoliosis (but puts the back at risk)

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Let's dispel a myth: the backpack used to go to school does not cause scoliosis.
Of course, it is not a "friend" for the spine of children and adolescents, but it is certainly not the only one responsible for the back pain of the youngest. The causes of back pain are different: incorrect posture and bad habits, such as prolonged use of smartphones and tablets.

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To support it is the dott. Bernardo Misaggi, Director of the UOC Orthopedics Traumatology for Spinal Pathologies of the ASST Gaetano Pini-CTO: "When the little ones complain of back pain parents and teachers tend to link these disorders to scoliosis, but this pathology is almost always asymptomatic and it is frequently hereditary. Often, however, pain is a symptom of incorrect postural attitudes that curve the spine, but which are easily and totally correctable and have nothing to do with scoliosis ".

There is therefore no direct connection between the heavy backpack and the onset of scoliosis, but the same cannot be said for kyphosis, which is instead favored by bad habits, for example, poor or inadequate physical activity, poor posture due to time spent hunched over screens or smartphones, or carrying heavy backpacks.

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So what can parents and teachers do to avoid and correct spinal disorders?

Make sure your child always takes one correct posture and subject him to a specialist examination, especially between the fifth grade and the sixth grade.

According to Dr. Lorenzo Panella, Director of the Rehabilitation Department of the ASST Gaetano Pini-CTO: “A sedentary lifestyle is the number one enemy of the column, especially in a skeleton that is forming. It should also be remembered that puberty is the period at greatest risk where osteogenetic activity is subjected to important stimulations ".

La visit to the specialist it is especially recommended if the child leads one sedentary life and little sporting activity and if, in addition, you have signs and symptoms such as: arching your shoulders or swaying forward, tilting your feet excessively inward or outward, snapping your jaw when opening and closing your mouth, feeling dizzy, feeling pain in the eyeballs and hearing problems. These symptoms, even if they are not specific expressions of a spine disorder, deserve further study in a context such as the one mentioned above. Read also: Backpack too heavy: the orthopedist's advice to help the child get better

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