Second courses for children, from 2 to 99 years

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Second courses for children, from 2 to 99 years

If you love to indulge yourself in the kitchen with second courses, then this is the article for you! Among the best and healthiest recipes are fish sticks and rolls of salmon and courgettes, among the tastiest are marinated chicken skewers, chinotto ribs, potato meatloaf with fish inside. The most imaginative recipe? The captain's boats! And one for Halloween too: chicken mummies with tomato potion.

Here is a series of video recipes, perfect for cooking main courses that will be appreciated by young and old.

1) Fish sticks recipe

Why not buy fresh fish and make some delicious homemade sticks? Miralda Colombo proposes to make them with fresh salmon but you can also try other varieties of fish.

2) Marinated chicken skewers

A recipe for the whole family, children will love it so much that they can eat the skewer with their hands. Miralda Colombo, food blogger and author of children's cookbooks explains how to prepare marinated chicken skewers.

3) Potato meatloaf with fish inside

A delicious and nutritious recipe: potato meatloaf with fish inside.

4) Ribs with chinotto

A very good summer recipe from Miralda Colombo: pork ribs with chinotto. Ready in 50 minutes.

5) Chicken mummiette and tomato potion

For the scariest night of the year you can try your hand at a recipe with your children that will appeal to the whole family. The chicken legs are transformed into little mummies and the tomato soup into a “vampire” potion.

6) Puff pastry rolls with salmon and zucchini

To whet the curiosity of children you could call them 'salmon snails'. We all know that pets have more and more appeal with children.

7) Captain's boats

They are stuffed zucchini with squid, but call them 'captain's boats', they will entertain young and old.

Watch all the video recipes of Miralda Colombo

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