Second month of pregnancy: tips, symptoms and everything you need to know

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Second month of pregnancy: what happens?

Il second month of pregnancy it is one of the most exciting ever. In fact, it is the one in which a woman discovers she is expecting a baby. After a first month in which the woman is unaware and usually has no particular symptoms, she is about to learn the wonderful news. 

The first sign is certainly amenorrhea, the absence of menstruation which - especially if you were looking for a pregnancy and if your period is usually regular - acts as an alarm bell for a couple. So you do the pregnancy test and when the two lines or the word "pregnant" appear, it is great joy.

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  • Advice on the second month of pregnancy
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Second month of pregnancy without symptoms?

Usually the second month of pregnancy is characterized by some symptoms:

  • nausea, sometimes accompanied by vomiting, can be particularly severe in this early stage of pregnancy
  • continuous tiredness, even the most hyperactive women, in this phase they continually have sleep and a sense of exhaustion and feel a greater need to rest, not only in the evening, but also during the day
  • the mood is fluctuating and begins to feel the effects of hormones: women can be more unstable, easily irritable and anxious
  • your breasts gain weight and start to ache
  • the halo of the breast, that is the pigmented area around the nipples, darkens and milk ducts begin to form (it is quite common, already in this period, to feel tension in the chest)

There are also cases, however - few but they exist and it is important to talk about them - in which the pregnant woman has no symptoms even in the second month of pregnancy or tends to confuse them with the signs of PMS or other disorders. It happens rarely and, especially, in those cases in which the woman has a particularly irregular cycle, she is prone to amenorrhea for other reasons and, therefore, she can remain unaware of the pregnancy for a while longer. 

Second month of pregnancy: first pains

In the second month of pregnancy, the symptoms that occur in most cases are those listed above. There are no particular pains that affect the woman, if not a few small ones cramp in the lower abdomen, generated by the implantation of pregnancy, some probable pain in the back and the breast tension we talked about above.

The main ailments that limit the woman in this first phase of pregnancy are mostly related to nausea which, for the majority of pregnant women, is strong, annoying and debilitating.

The second month of pregnancy, in this regard, is the one in which the woman chooses the gynecologist, she relies on a professional who will follow her during the nine months. It is an important month in which the pregnant woman can express all her doubts to the doctor and she will also be directed to medicines that can be taken to combat nausea and to make the fetus grow healthy.

The belly in the second month of pregnancy

Belly growth in the second month of pregnancy is still imperceptible. Even if a real hormonal revolution is taking place inside the woman, the embryo is very small and therefore the belly does not grow yet.

The pregnant woman, however, may feel a certain swelling and - even psychologically - no longer bear the usual pants, feel tight and not adequate to accompany her in this new phase of life. It is essential that the woman feels comfortable with her in everything, even in her clothing, and that she wears pants and underwear that are more comfortable for her.

It is towards the end of the second month of pregnancy, around theeighth week, that a woman's life really begins to get bigger. In addition to choosing suitable clothing, if not yet at least comfortable maternity clothing, it is good to follow a healthy diet, do not overdo it with sugars and fats and weigh yourself every month. 

What not to do in the second month of pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy are the most delicate, those in which a woman must pay more attention, follow a healthy and peaceful lifestyle, take folic acid and above all in which the embryo becomes a fetus, all the organs are formed, yes they begin to glimpse hands and feet. It is during the second month that a mother can hear her baby's very fast heartbeat for the first time.

What to do and what not to a woman in the second month of pregnancy:

  • You MUST choose the gynecologist, as previously mentioned, and make a first appointment with him
  • MUST undergo first tests: complete blood test, rubeo test, toxotest, blood group, complete urinalysis, HIV etc.
  • MUST follow a healthy, varied diet
  • MUST have a healthy lifestyle, rest when needed, follow their body and its needs a lot
  • You MUST start taking folic acid
  • You MUST NOT take too much caffeine, drink alcohol, smoke
  • You MUST NOT underestimate dental problems (which can occur in pregnancy)
  • You MUST NOT get too tired or make special efforts

Advice on the second month of pregnancy

Il second month of pregnancy it is very important and it is the one in which it is necessary to fix the first visit to the gynecologist. After a detailed interview, in which the specialist will reconstruct your history, will ask you for the date of the last cycle in order to calculate the presumed date of delivery, we will move on to the first ultrasound.

The first ultrasound takes place, usually around the eighth week of pregnancy, it is still a transvaginal ultrasound and allows the gynecologist to see if the pregnancy is well implanted, if the embryo respects the gestational period, if there are any detachments. It is from this moment that the clinical history of the pregnant woman really begins, a path that will be made up of checks, ever more in-depth ultrasound scans to discover a new life. 

The weeks of pregnancy

The second month of pregnancy is from the fifth to the eighth week. A month of changes, in which the embryo grows, is formed, is preparing to become a fetus.

It is the month of nausea (accompanied by vomiting at times) which can continue even in the third month. It is the month of breast tension, of first pains, of the first ultrasound, of the first cycle of blood and urine tests. The month in which the mother, for the first time, can hear her baby's heartbeat. 

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