Sex and life as a couple: they are better if the father also takes care of the children (but not too much)

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The secret to having a better affinity and complicity under the sheets? Apparently, do that the partner / husband also takes care of the children.

A group of researchers found that couples who share equal care and management of children are more satisfied with their relationship and sex.

This research, carried out by Georgia State University, was presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociologican Association.

In the couple? The middle ground works

During the research, 900 heterosexual couples were analyzed. Scholars have therefore found that if the woman is the only one to take care of the children and the house, she also suffers the life under the sheets. Husband and wife both report the lowest levels of satisfaction.

Conversely, when men are present and collaborating, satisfaction in the couple's life also improves. (Read also: mom, cultivate your life as a couple)

"We concluded that being a present and active father is important to a man," says Daniel L. Carlson, author of the research.

But man must not exaggerate and turn into a mammo. In fact, the research shows that when it is above all the man who takes care of the children, the life of the couple suffers. According to scholars, women claim to be very satisfied with their sex life, while men ... no.

Fonte: American Sociological Association - Annual Meeting,


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