Sex in pregnancy in the first trimester

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Sex in pregnancy: first trimester

First quarter: deso falls

During the first trimester it is quite typical for women to try a drop in deso (which will return in the second quarter instead), especially if they suffer from nausea and exhaustion. And then the novelty of the baby on the way has yet to be metabolized. Many women are also afraid of harming their baby (unjustified fear).

For other women, on the other hand, sexual intercourse already becomes more exciting and satisfying in this period than in the period before conception. In fact, from the beginning of pregnancy, the pelvic area is better supplied, thanks to the increase in hormones, and so it can be easier to reach orgasm. Couples who have struggled more to have a baby now find it relaxing to be able to have sex without having to think about procreation. For them this first phase of pregnancy becomes a period of intense pleasure.

What the gynecologist says: Having sex on a regular basis early in pregnancy does not increase the risk of miscarriage. Only when bleeding occurs does he recommend giving it up for a while. If there is no longer any danger and the gynecologist has given the ok, the couple can resume having a normal sex life.

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