Sex in pregnancy in the second trimester

From the 16th to the 30th week of pregnancy, many expectant mothers feel in full shape, their bodies have become accustomed to the new condition and have become very feminine, with larger breasts and rounder shapes. The belly is still easily managed. All excellent prerequisites for pleasure. However, some women when they first feel their baby's movements begin to ask themselves questions: What does my little one feel while having sex? Does he feel disturbed? Does he feel pressed when his belly stiffens during orgasm? Even fathers-to-be show fears, they too worry above all about hurting the child.


What the gynecologist says: female orgasm affects the uterus and for a short time the placenta actually pulses less blood to the baby. But it is good exercise for his circulatory system and in no way could it harm him. Nothing can happen to the child during the sexual act.


It is safe in the uterus, immersed in amniotic fluid and even in case of strong jolts it floats in the liquid, the important thing is that the cervix is ​​closed. Do not think that the little one can suffer during the sexual act: from an anatomical point of view it is impossible for the penis to come close to the little one. It is better to give up sex only in case of premature contractions and premature opening of the uterine mouth.


(Article taken from Eltern)


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