Sex in pregnancy in the third trimester

From the 30th week it becomes more difficult to find a position in which the belly is not in the way. The favorite variant? The spoon position. For women who want to look their man in the face during intercourse, the sitting position above him is recommended. Even in the following positions, the belly does not create a "hindrance":


  • the woman is lying on her back on the bed, her feet on the ground, the man is kneeling in front of her .;

  • the woman is lying on her back, the man loosens his weight with his arms;

  • the woman kneels in front of the bed, puts her arms and torso on the bed, the man kneels behind her.


The intimacy of the pregnant couple is important, but it is not necessary to always have a full relationship. You can also feel pleasure with caresses, massages and tenderness. In the last period of pregnancy many expectant mothers learn a lot about their sexuality because they finally say what they like and what they don't. Surprise: Many men find their baby bump erotic.


What the gynecologist says: Sex does not cause contractions but it is true that the hormone prostaglandin is present in the sperm which makes the uterine mouth soft and prepares it for contractions. So having sex in the days close to giving birth can be helpful in convincing the little one to come into the world.


(Article taken from Eltern)


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