Sex scenes in movies: how to deal with children?


You are watching a movie with children that seemed suitable for everyone when a sex scene pops up out of the blue. What's now? Do you look the same? Does it play down? Do you change the channel?

"In principle, we should avoid videos that we already know contain scenes that are not suitable for children and that can make us find ourselves in embarrassing situations. However, if, in the middle of a film, an unexpected sex scene occurs, we cannot remain silent. or pretend nothing has happened, "says psychologist Rosanna Schiralli. But let's see the different cases.

If the scene is too intense or the child is small, change the channel

If you realize that it is a rather 'hard' scene or of violence or if the child is less than four or six years old, you change the channel, Schiralli advises, accompanying the gesture with a simple explanation: "There is a scene that is not good for your age, we did not know so it is better to change ". (Read also: Mom, how are babies born?)

If the child is older, it is best to explain what is happening

If the child is older, it is useless to gloss over: he would understand that the parents are in difficulty and changing the channel with embarrassment could increase his curiosity ('who knows what is happening!') Or make him think that sexuality is something dark, dirty. or to be ashamed of.

“Especially if the child asks us the classic question 'what are they doing?', An answer must be given,” says the psychologist. “You don't need too scientific explanations or long-running speeches, as if he had asked a thousand questions: they generate even more confusion and send him the message that we are in difficulty. It is enough to answer with simplicity that the two characters in the film hug each other tightly because they love each other and make love, which is a normal thing between two who love each other.

Children are much simpler than us adults and they need simple and reassuring answers. It is important to use a quiet tone of voice, because for children the tone of communication has more meaning than the information itself ". (You may also be interested in: Parents talk about sex to their children and how babies are born. VIRAL VIDEO)

What to avoid

• Leave the child alone to see certain scenes.

• Laugh at your question.

• Pretend not to have heard or understood the meaning of your request.

• Respond hastily that he cannot understand and will understand when he grows up: even if they are small, they do not want to be treated as incapable of understanding!

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Updated on 23.12.2022

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