“Shaun, the Sheep's Life: Farmageddon”: in cinemas from September 26th. The official trailer

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Dfter success world of the previous chapter, September 26 arrives at the cinema "Shaun, the Sheep's Life: Farmageddon - The Movie ": a phenomenal new extra-terrestrial adventure.

Yesterday, since the early hours of the morning, strange rumors about alien sightings circulated on the blue carpet of the Giffoni Fiml Festival dedicated to the new film "Shaun, the Sheep: Farmageddon - The Movie".

Shaun, the most beloved sheep in cinema, amazes us once again with a genius, or rather spatial idea: in front of the incredulous eyes of the public, a mysterious UFO from a very distant galaxy landed at the Giffoni, with on board LU-LA, Shaun's new intergalactic friend.

The UFO and the protagonists Lu-La and Shaun, were made of resin-coated polystyrene, hand painted by international artisans.

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The directors of the film, Will Becher, Richard Phelan, held a masterclass telling the secrets of the stop motion technique to the children and teenagers present in the room.


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Strange lights over the quiet town of Mossingham herald the arrival of a mysterious visitor from a far-away galaxy.
The intergalactic host - a mischievous and adorable extraterrestrial named LU-LA - crashes with his UFO right next to Mossy Bottom's farm. At that point, Shaun doesn't miss the opportunity to live a new adventure, and sets off on a mission to bring LU-LA back home.
Thanks to its celestial powers, LU-LA will soon bewitch the whole flock. Shaun takes his new alien friend back to Mossingham Forest to find his lost spaceship, but he doesn't know that a mysterious government agency is already on his heels.
Will Shaun be able to avoid a Farmageddon in Mossy Bottom before it's too late?

Watch the official trailer for "Shaun, the Sheep: Farmageddon - The Movie"

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