Shopping and children: 10 rules for a quiet day

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È sales time, a period to find some opportunities for oneself and for the family, perhaps without spending a fortune; in these cases, shopping is a must.

Who has the opportunity to rely on help (grandparents, relatives, friends ...), often he prefers to leave the children at home to be able to devote himself without too many worries to thoughtful shopping, but for a little one, shopping could be important educational experience to learn to be with others and share some time with the whole family.

Precisely for this reason the ANPE (National Association of Pedagogists of the Paeseni), following a survey conducted together with TheStyleOutlets (the company of the Castel Guelfo and Vicolungo outlets) has drawn up a series of useful tips to not give up shopping with your children, without however having to suffer the pains of hell between attempts to escape and exhausting whims

1. Avoid shopping when children are tired; this will reduce whims and complaints throughout the shopping time.

2. Also parents don't have to be tired: if mum and dad are already exhausted, they will be much more irritable and less inclined to dialogue.

3. Good thing it is to anticipate to the children where they will go and what they will do. Clearly state the reason for leaving and what you will buy, so as not to create false expectations (e.g. buying a toy).

4. Also anticipate the rules before getting to the shops. Few rules, clear and as much as possible in positive terms: walking alongside parents; in shops you stay close to your parents, say hello when you enter or leave a shop, if you want to see an object you ask permission from the parents etc ... (Read also: how to teach respect for the rules)

5. Consistency and compliance with agreements. If you promise the purchase of a game, you will not be able to make any turnaround, while if you have already announced that no gift will be given, then you will not have to give in to the requests of the child. In the same way, everything must be done to ensure that the rules set out above are respected: this will form good habits for future releases.


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6. Think about a snack before shopping (possibly healthy). As with fatigue, even in the case of hunger the child risks being more nervous and capricious.

7. If the purchases go on it's okay to take a break at the playground or in a play area so that children can move and have fun.

8. It is useful to bring a soft toy or a toy to put in your bag to avoid boredom. In this way the child will have an "ally" with which to entertain in critical moments.

9. Get the children involved. As already mentioned, shopping can also have a great educational value, as parents can involving children asking them for their opinions and suggestions, thus discussing the value of money with the little ones and involving them in paying and receiving the change

10. Reinforce the child's positive behavior. It is important for children to spend time with their parents. Make sure that shopping for them too can be a pleasant time to spend together, praising correct behaviors and strengthening their self-esteem.


Updated on 09.01.2022

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