Should the baby be bathed every day? And then growing up?

Should the baby be bathed every day? And then growing up?
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Bath every day: yes or no?

"It is a recurring question from parents, because they are afraid of attacking the delicate skin of babies," he comments Cesare Filippeschi, dermatologist at the city's Meyer Children's Hospital. But bathing a newborn, beyond hygiene (from that point of view, doing it every day is superfluous), is useful for activating the blood circulation of the skin and perspiration. And, if you like it, it can be a very relaxing time. Even more if followed by a tender massage with an emollient cream.

So, according to the dermatologist from Meyer, the green light is given to the daily bath, as long as it is not experienced with stress and does not create discomfort either to mom or dad or to the little one.

Pay attention to the use of detergents

"The important thing, however, is to use suitable detergents, non-aggressive, non-foaming or with perfumes, which can irritate and dry the skin. Better to do it only with water or with delicate oily cleansers".

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Often, for example, explains Filippeschi, there is an excessive use of Marseille or starch-based soap, in the belief that they are the most suitable for a newborn baby, "but in reality, if not enriched with oils, the soap of Marseille is a degreaser, that is, it removes its defensive fatty layer from the skin, and starch-based soap is not the panacea for the skin of newborns: in the case of dry skin, dryness increases even more ”.

In short, if the child appreciates the time of bath, there are no contraindications to the daily bath

The right bath temperature

  • La ideal water temperature for the bath it oscillates between 32 ° C and 35 ° C, depending on the perception of the little one and, therefore, on his liking;
  • The temperature control can be done with instant-reading thermometers or, more traditionally, by dipping the elbows of mum and dad in the water;
  • Before immersing the baby or toddler in the tub, make sure you have everything you need available: why they should never be left alone, not even a moment, even if the water is low.
During bath time, pay particular attention to creases under the arms, behind the ears, around the neck and in the nappy area

When the children get older

Growing up, then, "green light for more foaming products to wash the scalp. There are suitable for the whole family, even in liter formulations to save a little" advises the dermatologist.

How often should a baby be bathed?

There is no rule, and each parent can rely on common sense. "If a child has been running to exhaustion in the park, practically rubbing all over the floor, sweating while jumping and dancing at a birthday party or playing sports, ... a bath or shower can be beneficial - they take away the irritating elements and the dirt that has accumulated on him - and relaxing. After all, as my grandmother used to say, water has never hurt anyone ".

After a bath (or shower), gently pat the skin with a towel and apply the moisturizer to the skin that is still slightly damp

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