Single mothers: from the family home to the state allowance, here's what you can do

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Lonely girls Waiting for a child or who have already given birth: this is, commonly, the definition of "single mothers". Most of the time, they are young women who are abandoned by their partner or who become pregnant with an occasional partner, finding themselves facing a pregnancy alone, without financial help and with the fear of not being able to raise their child in the best possible way.

There is no shortage of cases in which family support is also absent. Furthermore, in Del Paese, single mothers they do not fall into the protected categories and there is no specific legislation regulating their social and professional status. Their status is therefore no different from that of any other mother. However, you can request economic aid and assert their rights, seeking assistance, when necessary, from the consultors, who can give first medical and psychological help, and at the social services of the municipality of residence and the Province.

In Del Paese, single mothers do not fall into the protected categories but can ask for financial aid and turn to social services.

Where to ask for help: the Family Homes

Single mothers who do not have their own home or a place to find hospitality can apply for inclusion in one house Family, where to live and be followed during the period of pregnancy and in the times after childbirth. New mothers will find themselves in sharing spaces and days with other women in the same condition, they will learn to become aware of their new situation and will be supported in caring for the child. In the Family Home, single mothers come followed by social workers and psychologists that accompany them in paths of autonomy and social inclusion.


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We asked for advice from Chiara Nardi, psychologist and president of the CAV of the city of Talenti, who pointed out some structures and associations to which it is possible to contact:

  • Ain Karim (of the city): welcomes mothers and children who live in conditions of hardship: when they are victims of family violence, poverty, exclusion, loneliness and exploitation.
  • Do & Ma, the Onlus Woman and Mother Association (our city): born in 1983, it works in favor of female and family problems, dedicating itself to the psychological and social difficulties resulting from disadvantaged motherhood and the protection of minors victims of neglect.
  • Casa della Mamma e del Bambino: hosts mothers with their children and expectant mothers of age and under 1990. Established in Borgosesia -VC- in XNUMX, the non-profit organization aims to protect motherhood by welcoming women in difficulty.
  • Un Sorriso Social Cooperative: founded in 2001 with the aim of improving the social integration of citizens, the cooperative also manages a family home that welcomes mothers and children.
  • Caritas Catania: in an apartment obtained from a property confiscated from the mafia, women are housed in situations of particular economic, moral and social hardship, with dependent children, low-income workers or even non-workers. The minimum stay is three months, with an extension of up to one year.

Life Aid Centers: projects across the country

The Life Aid Centers (CAV) are also located throughout the country, which with numerous projects help new mothers in difficulty, helping them to solve economic problems, assisting them in their search for work, providing them with psychological assistance or even simply guaranteeing their babies a change of diapers, baby food and new clothes.


Salvamme: economic and moral support

Concrete help is also offered by the Salvabebè-Salvamamme association which for years has been involved in assisting mothers in serious socio-economic distress, helping them during and after childbirth, morally and materially supporting people in crisis.

Financial aid: maternity allowances

As Dr. Simone Boglietti Zacconi, labor consultant and owner of the Studio Boglietti Zacconi, single mothers, single-income or completely unemployed mothers can apply for subsidies or subsidy checks and access concessions for the insertion of the little one in the nursery. These are not huge amounts, but in times of difficulty they can still be of help and contribute to the upcoming expenses foreseen by the arrival of a child.

There are two types of checks:

  1. Municipal allowance: it is paid by the municipality of residence, is paid by INPS and is intended for women who are not entitled to any social security coverage and who do not already receive an INPS subsidy. It must be requested within 6 months of the birth of the child by submitting a declaration certifying the income received and a self-certification stating that you meet the requirements. However, this allowance is not awarded to all mothers: the mother's family nucleus, which can also consist only of her and her child, it must not exceed a certain ISEE and the latter, at the time of the request, must not be higher than that possessed at the time of the child's birth. The service paid by the Municipality is for a maximum of 5 months, for a total of € 1.694,95.
  2. Government check: it is paid by the State and is provided by INPS. New working or unemployed mothers who, at the time of the child's birth, paid at least 3 months of maternity contribution in the period between 18 and 9 months prior to the birth or the actual entry of the child into the family in the event of adoption, can apply. national, pre-adoptive foster care or in Del Paese in case of international adoption. In 2022, the maternity allowance amounted to € 338,89 for 5 months, for a total of € 1.694,45.

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