Sleep well: 11 tips from the expert

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The theme "parents e sonno", you know, it can be very complicated. But, more generally, it's not just mothers and fathers who have problems with sleep. «According to the statistics, eight million Del Paeseni suffer from nocturnal disturbances - says Vincenzo Tullo, head of the headache center of the Santagostino Medical Center and the Igea Nursing Home -. Of these, 30-40% are affected by insomnia which, in 70-75% of cases, has been going on for over a year. To solve the problem, most of them (about 70%) declare that they are taking drugs ».

Le causes of this situation are different: "there may be problems related to the contingent situation that a person lives, such as time zone changes, but also a moment of particular stress or anxiety, or it may be real sleep pathologies".

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In the book "Sleep better: the science and the myts", Graham Law, honorary president of the British Sleep Society, identified 40 myths about sleep: it is not true, for example, that the elderly need to sleep more or that playing sports before bed can help them sleep. How false it is that you lose weight or produce more if you sleep less.

From these assumptions, we can derive some good rules for sleeping well, with or without children. «A good sleep - continues the expert - improves a person's life. Those who sleep little, on the other hand, can develop even serious pathologies, such as memory difficulties, anxiety, depression, lowered immune defenses and even obesity ".

1. The sleep routine is for children only

"False. The best way to ensure a good sleep is to have, just like children, a routine: go to sleep at the same time, preferably away from meals, sports training and never too late because it is from dusk to two. at night we produce melatonin, necessary for a good fall asleep ».

2. You need to sleep 7-8 hours

listen to your body

And if it is always good to indulge the need to sleep a little more, «staying in bed for a long time when awake makes little sense. When we wake up it is better to start the activity ».

3. Lost sleep cannot be recovered

new mothers

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4. TV helps you sleep

Nothing could be more false, «The environment in which we sleep should be comfortable, quiet, dark and sufficiently devoid of technological devices which, with their light, could inhibit the production of melatonin, the substance that promotes sleep ».

5. Don't fight before bed

In fact, having a fight with your partner before bed has no effect on sleep quality.

Problems could arise, however, in the event that the partner suffers from particular ailments "such as, for example, the sleep apnea, the syndrome of restless legs (people feel discomfort in their legs before bed, such as tingling or cramps, and need to walk before bed), or very loud snoring. In severe cases, the suggestion is to sleep in separate rooms to protect your rest ».


children sleep is very important

  • First of all, you have to respect the timetables to better regulate the biological clock of the little ones and allow them a complete recovery;

  • then it's good have dinner a few hours before going to bed eating a light, non-high-calorie meal;

  • fundamental is turn off electronic devices, to avoid brain stimulation, but also light interference that can inhibit the production of melanin, essential for a good rest;

  • la room must be dark e silent, with a certain comfort of the bed: from the sheets to the mattress;

  • need avoid sports (or demanding physical activities) before sleeping: it is not true that in doing so they tire more; on the contrary, they produce adrenaline which will make falling asleep more difficult;

  • it is then good avoid involving them in animated discussions in the evening, because the child has different critical parameters from the adult: a fight could upset him and not let him sleep well.

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“The moment a person complains sleep disturbance, this must always be addressed by a specialist. It can be transient insomnia, in the short term, linked to life events, but the problem must be evaluated and resolved as a whole ».

L'insomnia, in fact, it is only a symptom: «The body is saying that something is wrong. This is why we need to take serious action and investigate the causes of the disorder to fight it effectively ".

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