Sleeping baby: where to make him sleep

    Sleeping baby: where to make him sleep

    This too is one of the dilemmas that plague the Parents, especially those at the first experience and, therefore, beginners. Where do we let the baby sleep: crib or cot? In reality, many people choose the third hypothesis, that is the shuttle of the trio to make sleep the little one of the house, but it is a temporary solution because the child will grow very quickly and the space will no longer be enough.

    La baby cot from to neonate a pleasant feeling of protection because it is more intimate and "reminds" him of the environment soft and warmth of your uterus. It's okay in the very first few months, when he is not yet able to sit upright or move strongly, so he is not likely to to fall.

    Must have padding and upholstery soft, breathable and easily washable. The bottom should be stiff and flat, with a mat subtle. Anything pillow! And resist the temptation to fill the baby cot of sheets, curtains or various laces: they only serve to let less air pass and to accumulate dust, not to improve the sleep. Granted only one veil-mosquito net light, if it's summer or if you live in the countryside.

    Le banks they must be old enough to keep the baby from rolling out, but they still have to allow him to look out. Choose a model with the wheels, so you can move the baby cot more easily in other rooms.

    You are among those who directly prefer the cot? Very well. Here's how to behave. The first rule is to cover the banks of bed with padded bumpers. Note that the bars, solid and well fixed, are 6-7,5 cm apart: so the child will not be able to cross them or get stuck. The height must be at least 60 centimeters

    Prefer a base with drugs made of wood that ensures ventilation and correct stance of the spine, and a mattress sufficiently rigid: a soft, of horsehair or latex. Be careful that between this and the banks there is no more than 4 centimeters of space left. THE sunbeds camping are practical, but should only be used once, perhaps for short trips outside the city: in the long run, they are not good for the back of Infants.

    If you plan to put your little one in the cot from the beginning, try to reduce the surface available to him: he has been huddled in yours for 9 months baby bump, recreate that environment for him perhaps by placing a pillow from breastfeeding that welcomes him with love.

    What it is baby cot o cot remember two very important things: don't cover the baby too much and do it sleep belly up.

    And then there is also the last hypothesis: the sleep me half to mom and dad in the Latvian. A choice loved by many ...

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