Smart cleaning: the unexpected uses of the washing machine and dishwasher

Smart cleaning: the unexpected uses of the washing machine and dishwasher
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How many times, in front of a mountain of dishes or clothes to wash, every woman thanked those who invented it dishwasher and washing machine: two appliances that have changed the lives of housewives and of the many women who every day have to juggle between work commitments and household chores, reducing their workload. Well, these two appliances can do even more: they lend themselves to some unexpected uses that Courtenay Hartford illustrates in his book Ninja Cleaning Manual.

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Hartford, who lives in Canada where she runs her business, has found in her husband, two children and three cats her incentive to take care of the house quickly, relentlessly and effectively and he wanted to share his experience in this book, which is a real manual, to learn how to manage your home in the most effective way. The book, fun and brilliant, teaches time-saving techniques and tricks to tackle the most boring and obnoxious tasks and, among other things, it reveals how to make the most of appliances, illustrating some ingenious ways to use them.


La dishwasher is not just for washing dishes: it's not a joke. Wandering around the house you will find a lot of things that can be washed in the dishwasher. Hartford made a very long list and entered very different objects, more or less small in size. Here is everything that from now on you can avoid washing by hand: the accessories of the vacuum cleaner, the door knobs, the socket plates, the mosquito nets, the fan grates, the small trash cans, the containers and shelves of the fridge, i combs and plastic brushes, soap dishes or toothbrush holders, brushes for household cleaning, toothbrushes, hair clips, caps with visors, caps for the sink, garden tools, fake plants and flowers, containers and binders and finally the handles of cabinets and drawers.


To be able to wash all these items in the dishwasher, you need to keep in mind the guidelines that Courtenay Hartford outlines in his book.

1. The first rule, which even common sense alone would dictate to follow, is to never wash these items together with the dishes. Different washes must always be set.

2. The first time you put one of the listed items in the dishwasher, place it in the top rack and choose a low temperature washing cycle.

3. Smaller objects go into the baskets for cutlery or tucked into a net bag on the highest basket.

4. To wash some items better to use a cup of vinegar instead of your usual dish soap.

5. After washing these items, do a vacuum wash cycleso that the dishwasher is clean and ready to be used again.

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The washing machine can also come in handy for washing many other things besides clothes. The characteristic of her is that washes vigorously and sometimes to get some items back clean that's just what you need. So here is everything that can be thrown in the washing machine: soft toys, pillows and pillow covers, sneakers and slippers, LEGO bricks closed in a bag, rugs, curtains, backpacks and thermal bags, shower curtains, car and car mats. yoga and bath toys.


When using the washing machine in this alternative way, there are a few warnings to remember.

1. Again, at the first wash better to use a low temperature program, which will be more delicate and risk doing less damage.

2. To wash sneakers, it is better slip them into an old lining so as to avoid banging too much in the basket.

3. Check that the items you put in the washing machine together with your normal laundry have no hooks or hinges which can ruin delicate items.

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