Sources of heat on the pregnant belly

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Sources of heat on the pregnant belly

We are often led to consider that what were normal habits or what has always served as a valid home remedy for the most common ailments are practices to be questioned if we are experiencing a pregnancy. Our body in full transformation and a strong attention to the signals that our body sends back can lead us, in fact, to consider with much more caution the activities that in other moments of life we ​​would consider absolutely harmless, if not even beneficial such as a hot bath or a boule on the abdomen to soothe a cramp. Adopt or not the sources of heat on the belly during pregnancy to relax or as a remedy it is a subject that can generate disorientation and concern in women who, rightly, wish to protect their child from any possible risk.

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Sources of heat in pregnancy: more benefits than risks

"During pregnancy, heat sources on the belly should not be avoided - the specialist said -. Heat sources such as hot water bottle, the cherry stone pillows or a directed hot shower on the contrary they can have several beneficial effects in expectation as they favor the muscular relaxation. The heat allows a vasodilation and therefore generates an influx of blood in the treated area reducing the contraction of the organ ".

First and second trimester.

"During the first trimester, but also in the second trimester of pregnancy, the heat can relieve pelvic pain due to small uterine contractions and intestinal colic. It can also be helpful in case of indigestion or difficult digestion.

Third trimester.

"In the third trimester, however, in the prodromal phases of labor, the hot shower directed on the belly has a beneficial effect because it helps to manage the pain of the initial contractions, promotes relaxation and helps the effective start of labor".

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The sun on your pregnant belly

"There are no particular risks associated with a woman's pregnancy as regards exposure to the sun - adds Pasi -. The sun can be taken using all the precautions normally recommended, that is to use a medium / high sunscreen based on the phototype and avoid direct exposure in the hours when the sun is most intense, approximately between 11 and 15. High coverage sunscreens are also a solution to protect and inhibit the formation of stretch marks.

Stretch marks and pregnancy.

"Stretch marks are a common form of skin" scar ": they can be linear erythematous, purplish (striae rubre) or hypopigmented (striae alba). There are predisposing risk factors that include pregnancy, the use of certain drugs (for example topical or systemic cortisone), diseases (Marfan's syndrome, Cushing's disease) and surgery. good moisturizer daily basis. Despite this, however, it is not always possible to prevent the formation of stretch marks ".

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The interviewee

The interviewee is Federica Pasi, gynecologist at the IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital in our city.

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