South American names for babies

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South American names for babies

Do you love South American names? There are some very beautiful and widespread in all the countries ofSouth America

Serpadres magazine analyzed the rankings of the most popular names in recent times from Mexico to Argentina, and found that Sofia is one of the favorite female names, like Valentina e Isabela. And for males? Traditional names like Carlos, Jose and Luis they have been a favorite in both the Caribbean and South America.

There are also compound names that are widespread across the continent such as María Elena, Juan Carlos, Ana María and Miguel Ángel.

If you are looking for inspiration for the name of your baby on the way, read our proposals.

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South American male names

  1. Alexander It comes from the Greek (composed of 'alexo': I defend, I protect and 'aner-andrós': man), it means "he who protects men (but also" man saved "," who saves ")". The name day can be celebrated on August 26, April 22 or August 30.
  2. Carlos. Names of Germanic origin, meaning "strong, valiant, daring; or even free, king, sovereign". The name day is celebrated on November 4th, October 28th, July 1st, May 9th or August 17th.
  3. Cease. Variant of Caesar. Name with Sanskrit origin (to the Etruscan), it means "hair, mane, thick hair (to great, god, head)". The name day is celebrated on December 9, February 25, April 20, July 21, May 1.
  4. Diego. Diego is a name of Greek origin which means "educated, learned". The name day is celebrated on July 15, November 12 and November 13.
  5. Edward. Variant of Edoardo. Of Anglo-Saxon origin, it means "curator of the property, guardian of assets". The name day is celebrated on January 5, October 13, March 18.
  6. José. Variant of Giuseppe. Name of Aramaic-Hebrew origin, it means "God increase, increase, add [the newborn to the other children]". The name day is celebrated on March 19 (for men and women), April 12, February 8. 
  7. July. Spanish male voice, variant of Giulio. The name has Latin origins and comes from the gens Julia, the family that gave birth to Julius Caesar and the emperor Octavian Augustus. To celebrate and honor it, Virgil, the greatest Latin poet of the first century BC, wrote the Aeneid: the prestigious family of his beloved emperor would have originated from Julo, son of the Trojan prince Aeneas. San Giulio is celebrated on 12 April; Santa Giulia on May 21st.
  8. Luis. Variant of Luigi. Name with Franco-German origin, it means "illustrious fighter, glorious in battle (but, for another source, also wise)". The name day is celebrated on 21 June, 15 or 16 March, 24 July, 19 August or 16 November, 1 April.
  9. Manuel. Manuel is the variant of Emanuele. Of Hebrew origin, it means "with us is God". The name day is celebrated on the occasion of Sant'Emanuele martyr, on March 26.
  10. Miguel. Variant of Michele. Of Hebrew origin [Mikhā'ēl], it means "Who is equal to God? [Strength of God]". The name day is celebrated on 29 September (8 May apparition on Mount Gargano).
  11. Pablo. Variant of Paul. Latin origin, means 'small' [in stature]; but also 'second son'. The name day is celebrated on June 29, June 22, January 26.
  12. Thiago. Variant of Giacomo. Name of Hebrew-Aramaic origin which means "God protects". It is celebrated on 1 or 3 May, 25 July or 4 February.
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South American female names

  1. Alicia. English female variant of Adele. Of Germanic origin, it means "nobility ('adal') of lineage, appearance and soul. The name day is celebrated on 24 or 18 December, 16 or 27 December, 23 November, 3 February , on August 28.
  2. Ana Variant of Anna. The name has Hebrew origins and means "grace [divine]; piety, mercy; gracious, blessed, beneficial". Her name day is celebrated on July 26 and September 1.
  3. Heavenly. Of Latin origin, Caelestis means "right from the sky". San Celeste is remembered on July 27 or May 19. It exists in the diminutives of Celestino and Celestina.
  4. Emerald. It comes from the Greek "smaragdos" or from the Latin "smaragdus", that is "emerald". The name day is celebrated on January 22 and August 1.
  5. Guadeloupe. Name of Christian origin, which reflects the devotion to the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe. From the etymological point of view, the name derives from the toponym of the Guadalupe river, which is located near a famous convent of the same name, which means "river of the wolf" in Arabic. The name day is celebrated on 12 December.
  6. Isabella. Variant of Isabella. Name of Hebrew origin. It means "God is fullness". The name day is celebrated on June 4th.
  7. Julia. Name of Latin origin, it means "he (or she) who descends from Jupiter or is devoted and dedicated to Jupiter". The name day is celebrated on May 22, April 12, May 27, January 17, January 31, February 12, February 16.
  8. Lidia. Name of Greek origin. It was adopted as the name of slaves and freedmen in Ancient Greece. The name day is celebrated on August 3. 
  9. Mercedes. Of Latin origin. It means "reward, price". It reflects the cult of the Virgin Mary known as "della Mercede", whose apparition is commemorated on 24 September.
  10. Sofia. It has Greek origin ('sophía') and means: "wisdom, knowledge, wisdom, science, knowledge". The name day is celebrated on April 30, May 15, June 4, September 18 and 30.
  11. Valentine. Name of Latin origin. It means "he (or she) who is worth, is in good health [both in body and in spirit]". The name day is celebrated on February 14, July 25, July 29.
  12. Trinity. Name with Latin origin, it means "triad". It is also the name of an island in Central America. 
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South American compound names

Female South American compound names

  1. Ana Lucia. Compound name formed by Ana, which means "gracious, blessed", and Lucía, which means "bright, luminous". 
  2. Ana Maria. Compound name formed by Ana, which means "gracious, blessed", and María ("lady, mistress" or "beloved"). 
  3. Maria Elena. Name composed of María ("lady, mistress" or "beloved") and Elena, which means "splendidly sunny". 
  4. Maria Isabel. Compound name, from María ("lady, mistress" or "beloved") and Isabel, which means "God is fullness". 
  5. Maria Teresa. Compound name, from María ("lady, mistress" or "beloved") and Teresa, whose meaning is "she who is the huntress". 

Male South American compound names

  1. Charles Albert. Compound name, deriving from Carlos, which means "strong, valiant", and Alberto ("very illustrious"). 
  2. Francisco Javier. Composed name formed by Francisco ("relating to France, French") and Javier (meaning "new house"). 
  3. Joseph . Compound name, from José, whose meaning is "God increase, increase" and ("he who fights").
  4. Juan Carlos. Compound name deriving from Juan ("gift or grace") and Carlos ("brave, daring").
  5. Miguel Angel. Name compost, from Miguel, which means "who is equal to God?", And Ángel ("messenger").
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