Spaghetti carbonara in pregnancy

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Can i eat carbonara when pregnant?

You may or may not eat there carbonara in pregnancy? The main risk is the salmonellosis risk, due to raw or undercooked eggs provided in the original recipe and the toxoplasmosis risk, for undercooked bacon.

Salmonellosis risk in pregnancy

But what is salmonellosis? It is a food poisoning caused by the Salmonella bacterium. People get infected mainly by ingesting contaminated food or water. How to prevent it? With cooking and food hygiene.

It is therefore necessary to avoid consuming raw or undercooked eggs, mayonnaise, ice cream and zabaglione prepared at home, avoid drinking milk that has not been sterilized by pasteurization or UHT method, avoid consuming raw or undercooked meat, raw or undercooked seafood and make sure that the cooking method allows to exceed 70 ° C even in the internal part (the microwave is not adequate), keep cooked foods separate from raw ones to prevent cross-contamination once ready, if not consumed immediately, refrigerate the dishes after preparation, including cooking, at a temperature below 4 ° C, protect food from access by insects and other animals.

Raw or undercooked egg and carbonara

The main risk is therefore the undercooked egg provided in the original carbonara recipe. To avoid the risk it is necessary to be careful to cook the sauce well, leaving it on the fire when adding the eggs with the cooked pasta.

Risk of toxoplasmosis and pregnancy

But that's not all: carbonara is also made with bacon. Being a raw cured meat at risk of toxoplasmosis, it is necessary to sauté it in a pan and brown it well before adding it to the pasta and eggs, so that it is well cooked. Alternatively, you can choose to replace the bacon with cooked ham, a safe food during pregnancy.

But what is toxoplasmosis? Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by a microorganism called Toxoplasma gondii. It is a disease that if contracted during pregnancy is potentially dangerous for the fetus. 

How to prevent contagion:

  • If you want to eat raw vegetables, it's important wash it thoroughly and carefully, to remove soil residues. 
  • No ban on cooked vegetables, since cooking is capable of destroying the germ.
  • Fruit, that which grows on trees does not cause problems, while for fruits in contact with the earth, such as strawberries, the same precautions as for raw vegetables apply.
  • Meat must always be consumed cooked, especially inside. 
  • As cured meats, cooked ones are allowed, such as mortadella and cooked ham. Instead, no raw ham, salami, bresaola, wurstel and speck, unless we consume them cooked in the dishes. 
  • After handling raw meat or vegetables, the better wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • No toxoplasmosis risk if consumed raw fish, like sushi. However, during pregnancy it is advisable to avoid it because it can contain other germs, such as salmonella.
  • Il gardening it is not forbidden, but it is necessary put on gloves and wash your hands thoroughly at the end of the work.

Carbonara recipe for pregnancy


Doses for 4 servings:

  • Spaghetti 320 g
  • Guanciale 120 g (which can be replaced with cooked ham)
  • 2 medium egg yolks (which can be substituted with fresh cheese + saffron or turmeric)
  • Pecorino romano 50 g
  • Black pepper to taste

How to prepare it

Boil the spaghetti in salted water. In a bowl, beat the yolk with the pecorino. As an alternative to egg, you can make a creamy cream cheese sauce + turmeric or saffron.

In a pan, sauté the bacon until it is well cooked and crunchy. Alternatively, you can sauté the cooked ham.

Drain the spaghetti and put them back on the fire together with the egg (or cheese). Make sure the egg is well cooked, mixing well before serving.

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