Spanish female names - the sweetest to choose from

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Do you like the vitality of the Spaniards? If you have a baby on the way, you can choose to give her a very common name in Spain, perhaps sweet, cheerful and original. Below are the most beautiful and sweet Spanish names and their relative meanings.


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Greek mythology is full of female characters with beautiful and still relevant names. There are those of the goddesses, such as: Athena, Diana, Selene; those of the nymphs, such as: Daphne, Maia, Melissa; ...

Spanish female names in alphabetical order

Here are some Spanish female names - with their respective meanings - in alphabetical order.

  1. Alejandra has a personality of fullness. A totally positive aura.
  2. Adéla is a sweet and euphonic name.
  3. Beatriz has a sensitive personality, shy but firm and inclined to the fine arts.
  4. Blanca. Simple and elegant name. It means "white, candid".
  5. Conchita. Nice diminutive of "Conception", both Spanish voices of our Concetta. the name derives from the Latin concepta or "conceived".
  6. Dominga. Sensitive and supportive, she knows how to transform every personal encounter into friendship. Naturally inclined to art and dreams.
  7. Estrella is refined and demanding (especially with herself). The good taste that characterizes her guides her to choose activities in the world of art and fashion.
  8. Francisca. Francisca (Spanish variant of Francesca) brings some 'FRESCO' already in the 'outline' of the name: fresh human, social, psychological, poetic and spiritual. As can be read in watermark also the moral 'SANO' and the 'SAN' title deserved above all by the poor man of Assisi ...
  9. Ignacia. The origin is Greek: from the noun ignatios, meaning son. It is celebrated on July 31st.
  10. Juanita. Name "beneficial" and graceful as the "grace" of its meaning, which also connotes a gentle character, yes, but firm and decisive
  11. Lupe. Native of Guadalupe, devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe. A derivative of her is Lupita
  12. Marcéla. Euphonic name, an index of security in character and determination in intelligence.
  13. Nieves. Name inspired by the title of "Madonna della Neve".
  14. Nuria is a name of Catalan origin and alludes to the Nuria Valley, located in the Pyrenees, and to the veneration for the Virgin of Nuria. It means "bright, brilliant".
  15. Paulina. Great in intellect, soul and heart.
  16. Victory. Destiny in the name: what else can Vittória expect from life? Hurray!
  17. Xenia has Greek origins. The meaning of her is "bringer of gifts" and consequently also has the meaning of "generous, courteous".
  18. Ximena is a medieval Spanish name. It is probably the Spanish variant of Simona.
  19. Zuriñe comes from the Basque "zuri" which means "white".

Most common Spanish female names

Here are some of the most popular Spanish female names in the world. 

  1. Anita. Strength, altruism, resourcefulness, kindness and sentiment: this is what Anita reflects in the mirror. You always have luck on the horizon.
  2. Belen. Spanish name which is the Castilian translation of Bethlehem. The name day of Belen is December 25 on the occasion of the feast of the Nuestra Señora de Belén.
  3. Dolores. Spanish variant of Addolorata. The name day is September 15th.
  4. Ines. Spanish variant of Agnes, which derives from the Greek Haghné, "pure". Sant'Agnese is celebrated on January 21st.
  5. Mercedes. It means "reward, price". It reflects the cult of the Virgin Mary called "della Mercede".
  6. Soledad. Soledád is a very lively and sociable type, selfless and supportive, loving and generous especially with those who are most in need of help and affection.
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Rare Spanish female names

In addition to the common Spanish female names, there are other very sweet ones, chosen because they are full of meaning. Here are a few rare Spanish female names:

  • Laia: the term laylah means night and the name can also be understood as "dark as the night".
  • Mireia: The name derives from "admire" and means Mirabile, worthy of admiration.
  • Candle: It is a diminutive of the Spanish name Candelaria, the Spanish festival of Candlemas, during which the blessing of candles, the symbol of Jesus, takes place. I will honor the Virgin of Candelaria.
  • Hope: It is a Spanish feminine name deriving from the Latin term 'sperantia' which means'hope'. This is a name devoted to the Madonna della Speranz
  • Felipa: It is the Spanish version of the female name Filippa, which derives from the Greek 'Phìlippo's and means'lover of horses'
  • Estella: It is the Spanish variant of the female name Stella. It means "bright star"
  • Nerea: The name has Greek origin and means 'great swimmer'. Its meaning is " flowing on the water"
  • Esteban: It is the Spanish version of Stefano, from the Latin "garland, crown", intended as "crowned".

South American female names

Among the South American female names most beautiful we have chosen these:

  • Wound: of Arabic origin it means 'little butterfly'. Its derivation can also be attributed to the myth of the Tupi tribe originally from Brazil, according to which Yara is the goddess of the waters or the river siren.
  • Rocio: It means dew and it is a name linked to the Marian cult, the Madonna María del Rocío which is the 'Mary of the dew'. 
  • Xenia: bearer of gifts. It comes from the term 'xenos' which means 'foreigner, guest, stranger', but also 'hospitable'. The name is given the general meaning of 'hospitality'. 
  • Loneliness, the one who is in solitude, would refer to the solitude in which the Virgin Mary lived after the death of Jesus.

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